Saturday, August 5, 2006

Party Time

Isabelle had a wonderful time yesterday and its not even her birthday until tomorrow. She thought it was until I reminded her it is tomorrow so now she is all excited again. I did kindergarten duty and had a wonderful time with all of the kids. They are a really good group of children and all get along too. Isabelle had a little make believe cake at kinder so all the children could sing Happy Birthday to her, and then she chose a song for all of the children to sing to me. They are so cute. She also told all of the children how her tooth came out the day before and then showed them the butterfly bear that the tooth fairy had brought because your first tooth falling out is very special.
The McDonald's party went well too, 21 kids and no real dramas. She got lots of lovely presents which she could not wait to try out when she got home. Lots of nice art things to make and do which is great, since I think those are great kinds of presents for them to do at that age, and Isabelle loves doing them. Here she is blowing out the candles of her birthday cake at McDonald's sitting next to two of her best friends. They all got their faces painted and had a wonderful time playing together. Isabelle was so tired out that she fell asleep in front of the heater at mum and dad's house by 7:00. I took her home at 7:30 and she woke up, but once I put her to bed she went back to sleep again and slept until this morning, so she is in a great mood. I am going to go out soon and decide what cake to get for her birthday. She wants a Freddo icecream cake so hopefully I can find one for her. I only have to make the salads in the morning and a few small things which can wait until just before lunch and we will be all set.
Also I would like to say a big thank you to all those people that commented on my blog for Isabelle. I have read them to her and she was so happy, she loves reading the nice things you say about her. So for now that is all until tomorrow. Happy knitting!

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ferg said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle, love from Gillian