Sunday, September 10, 2006

5 Favourite Foods To Eat Before You Die Meme

Paul sitting on the deck outside our tent site at Mallacoota fishing.
I have been tagged by Gillian for the food meme going around blogworld lately. I'm not sure that I am as adventurous as some or as elaborate about the origins of the food but I can list mine and tell you why I like them so here goes:

1. I think one of my favourite foods that I actually cook myself is my chicken burritos, which we eat with mashed avocadoes and sliced iceberg lettuce. I slice the chicken up, add tomato paste, sour cream, creamed corn, red capsicum and sometimes onion, a bit of chilli and some garlic. The chicken is browned off first, then all the vegetables are cooked down and the sour cream and corn added at the end of it all. Then I wrap it all up in mountain bread, bake it in the oven until the bread goes all crispy and we eat it with the lettuce and avocado. Paul and I love eating this although I dont cook it all the time. Isabelle even eats it.

2. The next best thing that I love eating would have to be Mongolian Beef cooked at the Delicious Chinese Restaurant in Melton. The beef just melts in your mouth, it is so yummy and chinese food is one of my favourites.

3. Cornbeef with white sauce, carrots, mashed potato, cabbage and white sauce on it. I absolutely love cornbeef. It is one of my favourites that I love eating and Lachie likes it too, but he doesnt eat the white sauce. Actually Isabelle does not eat any red meat apart from mince so basically she just has chicken and fish.

4. Fresh flathead caught at Mallacoota and cooked on the barbeque. In February last year we went with Paul, his two brothers and their families and his mum to camp at Mallacoota for 2 weeks. The kids loved it and the guys got to go fishing everyday. We ate fresh fish for lunch and dinner nearly every night. My favourite had to be the flathead, and the guys filleted them so there were no bones in it whatsoever. They wrapped the fish in foil with butter and a bit of lemon, and it was so delicious. Mallacoota is a very beautiful place, and you can fish in the lakes or at the beach. We were camped on the lakefront so it was quite nice, and we even had fresh prawns which we caught in nets at nighttime when the moon wasnt out. If you looked out of your tent at night you would see the lake covered in people with flashlights and their nets and buckets trying to catch all the prawns trying to swim to the ocean.

5. My mum's lemon meringue pie which I absolutely love and I still have not made myself. I am very partial to things with lemon in them as Gillian would know with her lemon butter that she makes. Mum cooks hers from scratch and it would have to be my favourite thing that she still cooks, even though she does not make it very often.

Now it is up to the next few to list their five favourite foods:

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You dont have to do it if you dont want to, but it is a bit of fun, and interesting to find out what other people like to eat. Some are very exotic and some I had never heard of before but interesting. Tomorrow I will post about my birthday and the pressies that I got. See you all tomorrow.

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