Monday, September 11, 2006

Birthday Pressies

I had a wonderful birthday weekend with my family. On Saturday Paul, the kids and I went to Gisborne to have lunch at the hotel across from the football ground. We had been there about 6 years ago so it had changed a little bit, but the food was still delicious. We had chicken parmigiana and salad, and the dressing was delicious but I did not know what it was. The kids had some really nice fresh fish and chips, but their food is so fresh and tasty that we will definately be going back again. So on Sunday my mum, dad and sister and my aunt and uncle came up for lunch. We had a BBQ and cake, and then sat around and relaxed until about 5:00pm. I received lots of pressies for my birthday. Up above is the Green Tea perfume that my mum and dad gave me. I really like the scent of this and shall be using it when I go out, which is not very often though. I also received a new purse from Paul and the kids, and the color is actually a very dark red, but of course the color is not right in the picture.

I also received this gorgeous dish off my aunt and uncle, and I dont want to put any food on it, its too pretty. They also gave me a suncatcher which I have already hung up in my ensuite window.

And last but certainly not least is the present that my sister handmade for me. I was so shocked that she made so many things but I absolutely love them. She made me the little scissor holder with a pair of scissors inside, a little pin cushion and a lovely bag. I was so surprised when I opened it so it was really nice. She always makes nice things for family and close friends so I was quite delighted with these. Arent I a lucky girl! The photos do not show how gorgeous these really are but its the best I can get.

Now onto other things. I have some books to sell if anyone is interested in $AUS.

Rowan 40 magazine $40.00
Cafe Style $25.00
Classic Cafe $25.00 plus postage and handling.

If anybody is interested in buying any of them, just send me an email. I will accept a personal check/money order or electronic transfer. First in first served. If you need to see any of the patterns in the books you can look at the Rowan website.

I have also started my sister's vest that she wanted. I am going to order some yarn from Bendigo in the color Pink Opal to knit the Peace jumper from Classic Style. I absolutely love that jumper so it might be a birthday present for her in January. I also finished Noelle's surprise, so I will be ableto knit some more on my CPH since I seem to be behind on that compared to the others that I read about. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


jane said...

I missed your birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Jane

lorinda said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a wonderful day of feeling loved. Yay!

m. said...

Happy Birthday! What lovely treasures you received.

Samantha said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!