Wednesday, September 6, 2006

It's Raining It's Pouring

So far it has been raining since about 11:30 last night. We desperately need the rain and I think it is supposed to rain until the weekend, then it will be bright and sunny hopefully. I took this picture just a few minutes ago from my front window just to show you how gray and miserable it looks outside. At least it is good weather for knitting, and I love being inside when it rains.

I also finally finished the back to Bo Peep last night too, before I took Isabelle to bed with me. She has been in a sulky mood lately, and tomorrow she gets her needle so I am hoping her mood does not get any worse. I love the colors in this Bo Peep cardigan. I am using Zara 8 ply and it is so soft. It is still one of my favourite yarns to knit with. I hope my friend's daughter will like it. I am just going to do the embroidery on the cream stripes I think. Hopefully it will turn out okay.

I also decided to take some pictures from the Classic Cafe book of 2 patterns which I intend to knit up after a few projects are completed. Broadway is the cabled cardigan and I love it, although I will need to knit it a bit longer in the length to hide my tummy rolls. I dont think it is a good look having that hang out for all to see. It knits up from a 32" to a 40" so the sizing is good. I can just use an 8 ply yarn which I already have in the color Mariner, which is a gorgeous flecked blue color.

And this one is called Jersey, and I am going to use some more Zara in a denim blue and beautiful green which I love. I wanted to find a project to use it in for me and I think this will be it. I think I am going through a stripey phase at the moment. I am also going to go through my Classic books and pick a new pattern for my sister. I dont like the one I am knitting at the moment, so I will have to get her to take a look through them and hopefully she will pick one (without the crochet edge on it) so that I can make it for her. I am still determined to learn to crochet, and my aunt lives just over an hour away so if I need any help I can call on her. She lives on a farm which have sheep, and she sells it after the sheep have been sheared to someone locally I think. I love it when she gets all the new lambs. She actually took photos of Lachlan and Isabelle a few years ago holding a lamb, and they loved it. They are so cute and adorable following their mums around everywhere. I think they had twins that year too, so that was a bonus for them. Her other sheep are the ones where the fleece just drops off and they dont need to be sheared. They look a bit weird when they run around with bald patches all over them. At least in summer they wont need to be sheared when it is hot will they. Well that is all for now, I must go and do some more knitting before the kids get home from kindergarten and school. Happy knitting everyone!


Dove Knits said...

Bo Peep looks great so far, and I love the projects in planning!

ferg said...

I've always loved stripes. You can put such lovely colours together with stripes.
The rain has been wonderful for us because I have been planting more and it has all had a good soaking now.
Cheers Gillian

Prettybird said...

Hi! Nice to visit your blog! I loved all the knitting projects, especially the Broadway sweater (but then, I really, really like New York City!). I really enjoy knitting cables because it doesn't get boring. Sounds like you get a lot more knitting done than I do! I really don't seem to finish that many projects and I've never finished an adult sweater! (Could I say "really" any more??)

Yes, your weather looks dreadful in that picture. We've had rather grey weather, as well. If it's going to rain....RAIN! I can't stand the "overcast" look. Give me sun or rain!

Be sure to let us know how the projects progress!


Nancy said...

#1-What did we used to do before the internet?
#2-I found your blog searching for anyone making the bo-peep sweater. Yours looks good so far.

I'm a relatively new knitter and hope you don't mind me asking a few questions. You can see a picture of my progress on my blog (I really just started it). My question is this: Did you cut the yarn every time you changed color for the stripes? I've been doing that but it looks messy. I was thinking that since it will be at the sides which will be sewn up, it shouldn't make a difference anyway...