Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Pet

Lachlan has a new pet called Inky and he is a little skink lizard. We found him on our way to the newsagency, sitting there sunbaking on the concrete catching a few rays, so Lachlan caught him and took him home. We even went to the pet store and bought him live crickets which he can eat. I personally think that the crickets look pretty creepy, reminding me of spiders actually. They are live ones, and live on carrots. Isabelle has already decided that Inky will be both of theirs, and she loves taking him out and letting him run up her arm. Don't worry she loves that sort of thing. I remember when we went to Stitchery Blue one time, and there was a Christmas Beetle in the shop, and Isabelle caught it for the owner and played with it for about 40 minutes, letting it run up and down her arm. I think she has a love of all animals, including bugs. Anyway, Inky now has a nice home with smooth black pebbles in it, a lid with some water and two little crickets for him to catch and eat later. I will try and post a picture later on when the kids bring him home from mum and dad's. They could not let Inky miss out on a trip to nan and pop's house could they.

Anyway, enough about Inky, and onto some knitting content. I have nearly finished the first sleeve of the dinosaur jumper, and I finished up the left front of the CPH. At least I am making some progress on my knitting. I actually sat and watched Brokeback Mountain yesterday whilst knitting the sleeve, and I hope that today I can watch The Family Stone. I will try and publish Inky later on. Have a great day!


Noeysmommy said...

I can't get over how fast you knit!! I got your message about the progress bars....I'll try to send you the info this afternoon when I get home! (blogging from work right now - don't tell anyone!)

Samantha said...

My hubby saw a five lined skink when we were camping in August. Those little suckers are super fast. *lol*