Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A trip to Brighton Beach

Today Paul and I decided to stop off at Brighton Beach, which is on the other side of Melbourne. It usually takes just over an hour from Melton to get there, but we hit a traffic delay on the Westgate Bridge which delayed us a fair bit. I had decided to take the kids to see the beachhouses there, and the photo which I took of them seem to have disappeared by the time we got back to the car. My camera has been doing that a bit lately, taking a nice picture, and then later on all that is left is a green blur where the picture was. I dont know why my camera does this, but it is becoming a bit annoying. Lachlan and Isabelle had a great time, but we did not stay for too long as it was so windy today and the sand kept blowing up around them. After we had been to the beach, we went to Rex Hunt's Fish and Chip shop. For those of you who dont know who he is, he is a fisherman who does tv programs on fishing spots, and helps with the restocking of the rivers and lakes around Australia. Paul and I actually saw him the first time we ever went there. So apart from the seagulls, there were quite a few people there due to it being school holidays. We sat down on the pier and enjoyed our lunch. I actually got a fair bit of knitting done on a new project too, but one row kept messing me around, so by the time we drove home I had had enough and I ripped it all out. How frustrating, after knitting one row about 5 times too. Well enough complaining about that, I must go and sew up the dinosaur jumper so that I can show you all tomorrow. Happy knitting everybody!

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