Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dinosaur Jumper is Finished!

Specs: Dangerous Dinosaur sweater from Handknits for Kids by Lucinda Guy.
Size 2 to 3 years
Yarn: Cotone cotton from Spotlight, 50g balls
2 and a half balls turquoise,
2 balls brown, 1 ball of lime, and red.

THANK YOU ALL for your lovely comments about the dangerous dinosaur jumper. I actually loved knitting this jumper. The body of the dinosaur wasnt too hard, until you get to the spikes and then I decided to just cut long lengths off and do it that way, so I did not get any tangles, otherwise I would have gotten so frustrated untangling them all. It only took me one week to knit this up, so it was a quick knit. That makes one more pressie done, and then I will have to finish off some other knits and reduce the WIP pile. I did start another cardigan for Isabelle last night, and finally got that lacey pattern right that I had ripped out earlier in the day. I have been wanting to knit this for quite a while, so she will have another cardigan to wear over her dresses. Her other cardigan that she loves to wear was one that I bought from Kmart a long time ago, and now it is too small, so hopefully this one will be a good replacement for it. Well that's it for now, hope you all have a wonderful day and I am off to catch up on my blog reading, have some breakfast and then do some knitting!


Siow Chin said...

Oh wow, this looks so good!

Debby said...

Congratulations! It's gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your jumper looks fantastic. That is a great present. I am just thinking of all the ends you had to darn in.
I hope this becomes a treasured sweater that will be passed down to another child.
Loved reading about your trip to Brighton beach. Looks much better than the one in England.

Mimi said...

The dinousar sweater is very cute! I can tell it was a fun project.

ferg said...

That looks really lovely. You are really good with colours.
Cardi sleeves are done so if all goes well it should be done this weekend.
Cheers Gillian

jen said...

Wow nice work on the dinosaur sweater! I have been looking for a nice substitue yarn to knit this up. I'm glad to see you found one.