Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tide Cardigan

This is the new cardigan that I have been making for Isabelle. I finally conquered that pattern that I had to reknit about 3 times. I think maybe tiredness had something to do with it, and after a good night's sleep which is rare in our house, I managed to knit it correctly. It is a bit darker than the color on the screen, and I am using Rowan Cotton which knits up nicely. I was quite proud of the edging since I am not normally good at these sorts of patterns. Well I need to start somewhere I suppose. The CPH hood is being knitted up at the moment, and has gotten quite bulky and heavy, and hard to photograph. I will knit the sleeves next, and then do the edgings. Maybe I will take a picture after it is finished so it does not look like a big blue blob.

Our son is leaving for a week today to stay at his friend's house. He should have a great time and we will drive up to Mansfield next weekend to pick him up. The house will be quiet without him, but I should be able to get more things done, knitting included, without the two kids arguing all the time. We had my friend and her two girls over yesterday for lunch, and I took photos but she does not like pictures of her kids on the web, so sorry no pictures of the three girls together, but they were very cute. They had a wonderful time and were all a bit tired by the time they had to go home. Just as they were leaving the rain started and lasted for a few hours, nothing really heavy but more like a summer shower, so I wont need to water the garden today. I am hoping to tidy up the backyard a bit and weed my little garden near the clothesline and hopefully plant some new vegetables too. By summertime, I am hoping to spend a little time out there doing some knitting and by then Isabelle should have some new sand in her sandpit and she can stay out there too. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and I am off to hang out the washing and do some housework, you know all the stuff we really dont want to do, that cuts into our precious knitting time!


Curlie Girl said...

Hope you're having a wonderful week-end! The edging on the pink cardi is gorgeous, and the dinosaur jumper is too cute for words!

Rhonda said...

Love the cardigan. I had planned on doing that one also. Louisa's patterns are classic.

Debby said...

What a beautiful pink sweater. I love the ladylike edging. Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

If only we could have someone else do our laundry and yard work. :)

Prettybird said...

Gorgeous sweater start! How much do you knit in a day??! I'm amazed by how much you get done! Tomorrow it's housework for me! I envy you having yours done!


claudine said...

That's a really lovely cardigan! I love the edging too... Is the pattern from the Lucinda Guy's book too?