Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Acquisitions Are So Nice

We have been trying to take better pictures of Ruby, but as you can see from this picture she comes out too light or at nighttime she comes out too dark. Maybe an outside shot in a few weeks will turn out better. Last night Daisy decided that she did not want to sleep in the cat basket, so she kept coming into our bedroom with the kitten and jumping in between us. 3 times mind you, and the last time she wanted to go outside, so I let her in the garage, looked in the cat basket and could not find Ruby. I came back to bed and there she was fast asleep in between us. I dont know how long she had been asleep there, but thankfully we did not roll on top of her. Daisy must have carried her in and I didnt realise she was there. At least Daisy doesnt leave her behind. I am certainly not having her bring the kitten in tonight, even though they are so cute with their little antics, so tonight I will be transferring them both into the laundry and shutting the door. I need some sleep.

In the meantime, I have been waiting on some new knitting books that I ordered a while ago. My parcels seem to be taking a while to reach me, but on Monday these arrived. I love the Home book by Debbie Bliss, nice easy patterns and I love the cushions in them. The blanket on the front cover is gorgeous too, and I am sure I read someone's blog who was making it. I will have to try and find it again to see if she has finished it yet. I also bought Kids Learn to Knit by Lucinda Guy. I thought that later on Isabelle could use it when she is able to read. So far her knitting has been set aside, so it gives me a chance to knit some more, although at the moment with the new kitten that is really not happening as much as I would like it to. I also noticed that the new Winter Interweaves Knits is out, and there are some really really nice patterns in it. I cannot wait for my subscription to come out next month. How exciting but anything in there I would like to make will have to wait until next year, otherwise none of these UFO's will get finished. I also need to start my xmas postcard swap. I have 10 postcards to send off, mostly to the USA, and a few in Europe, and I cant wait. I have been looking at making some out of fabric so we will see how that turns out. Maybe I will post some here for your input. Happy knitting!


sandra said...

Blanket on the cover looks pretty retro - really nice! Now you have more reasons to knit! Happy, happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Daisy thought you should kitten sit for a while. She may have had some business to attend.
Ruby looks beautyful.

hege said...

Ruby is so precious! What a touching story about how you got her and that Daisy adopted her as her own. Sounds like they are both thriving :)

JoanM said...

Lovely story about your kitties. We have 4 adopted cats