Monday, October 30, 2006

Cable and Moss Stitch Bag

This is the next project on my "to do" list which is actually a Christmas present for my sister. It is the Cable and Moss Stitch Bag from Debbie Bliss' Home book. I am using the Maya yarn as the book suggests. It does not have a color listed on the label, but it is a mix of dark purples. I hope it knits up okay, I need to use 8mm needles which are quite large, as the yarn is doubled up. Luckily I received a pair of 8mm needles with my last Simply Knitting magazine so that helps me out. I am hoping it will be a quick knit, and then I will need to decide what other projects to make for Christmas. On the homefront things are good. Ruby the kitten is now eating food, just started today and climbing things, and yes as some of you suggested does like yarn. She was actually biting the band of my CPH when I was seaming it up. No holes though, she was just getting her teeth which are now like little sharp pins. I also enrolled Isabelle into primary school to start Prep next year. I am actually excited for her, she just wants to read and write and I am sure she will be coming home with new words she has learnt. It seems like such a long time ago when Lachlan started primary school, and he is at high school now. He is going okay too, as I went and checked in with his teachers today to see how he was going. I was actually told I was worrying too much about him. Oh well, too bad, better than not worrying I suppose. Well that is about it for now as Paul is cooking dinner tonight, and its just about ready. It is nice having a man who likes to cook. I wish he would like washing dishes too! Happy knitting and see you all later on.

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sandra said...

Little bag is irresistible. But I would definitelly try with smaller needles - 6mm maybe!
And such bags could sell pretty well!