Saturday, November 4, 2006

Bo Peep Is Finished

Here is Isabelle modelling the cardigan that is a present for a friend's daughter, and is so cute in the book. I did do the original pattern on Bianca's so I just embroidered zigzags on the pink panels. Dont look too closely at the ties, that's my poor attempt at crochet. I used Zara merino wool, which I love and is really quite soft.
Pattern: Rowan Classic Bambino book, Bo Peep cardigan
Yarn: Zara merino, I'm not sure how much I used but only a few balls of each color.
Needles: 3 1/4 and 4mm needles.
At least I know it will fit my friend's daughter as they are about the same size, so now I can wrap it up for Christmas and send it off.

Now for all of you here is a picture of the kinder kids from Thursday at the fire station. Isabelle did not dress up in the little firemen uniforms, but quite a lot of others did. This is the mat that they were learning to do the pencil roll on. They all look so cute dressed up, and to the left of the picture is Mrs. O'Brien, the assistant teacher in Isabelle's class. She is lovely. 3 classes went in total, and they all had a wonderful time.

I also managed to take a better photo of the socks this morning. You can actually see the twisted stitches now, and the overcast weather outside actually helped I think. I have not knit anymore than this as I am knitting on a present for my friend's daughter's birthday present in December. I am knitting Sport from Rowan Pipsqueaks, in a variegated pink,purple and white. It is looking quite nice at the moment, and I have just gotten past the armholes. So that is it for today, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for your concern about Lachlan. He is much better, and is playing Playstation in the rumpus room, and is acting like his old self now.


Donna said...

I'm glad to hear that Lachlan is doing better, and Isabelle's cardigan is adorable, well done!

sandra said...

What a great cardigan! And that girl will be breaking many hearts one of these days! And she has lots of taste - zig-zag is more that refreshing add!

claudine said...

That cardi is so adorable! (so is Isabelle :) ) I love the Zara yarn too, so soft!