Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Morning

Ruby this morning in Isabelle's doll's house.
I have been knitting away lately, trying to finish off some more Christmas pressies, and making trips to the post office. I have mailed off the parcels to the winners of my contest, and hopefully they will arrive at their destinations very soon. I received a postcard this morning, but it had nothing to say who it was from, just that it was mailed from London. It is obviously part of the postcard swap I am participating in, but I did assume that you were to notify who it was from. It is quite a nice handmade postcard and it is already adorning my cabinet in the kitchen so I can look at it. I sent off all my postcards on Friday, so my "to do" list is gettin shorter thankfully. I also received my Cotton Ease on Friday morning, after waiting 10 weeks for the mail to ship it to me. A big thank you to Karyn who ordered it for me and posted it off in September. Naughty mail system taking so long. I ordered red, blue, yellow, pink, green and turquoise. I have already started the Thinking Dress by Louisa Harding in the turquoise as I only had 2 balls of it, so luckily the front or back is done, and it only used 1 ball. It will be a Christmas present for my friend's daughter who is 1 years old. I have already finished the Bo Peep cardigan for her other daughter who is just about the same age as Isabelle. Isabelle modelled it for the photo. I hope it will be well worn too and that she likes it. I did take a picture of the Thinking Dress too but for some reason the picture wont post, so I will take another one later on and hopefully it will upload onto the blog. Well that is all for now as Paul and I plan to do a tip run tomorrow, so we have been sorting out the garage full of junk, Isabelle's toys and clothes to take to the Salvation Army, and I think maybe soon I will have to make a bit of room in my yarn stash. It seems to be taking over the house literally so it needs to be sorted, along with some pattern books too. More on that later, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
P.S. Thank you to all the wonderful people who left me a comment about Beary Bear, I appreciated them all very much and they made me feel like the effort was worth it too!

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Susan Hird said...

Take heart that your darling daughter is going through a most definately NORMAL phase. All littlies like to assert their independence once they realise that they ARE able to do things for themselves. The novelty will wear off eventually and she should become a bit more compliant. You will never ever have the totally accepting child she was before she knew better though, and would you REALLY want to?? I have raised 5 all adults. Have fun.