Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gorgeous Presents!

Here are the gorgeous swap pressies that Manda sent to me last week. Isnt she so talented. Isabelle loves her cushion, and the cat is just gorgeous. I was not expecting the cat, so it was a lovely surprise and made me feel so much better after yesterday's events. I think I will have to call her Minty as she is made out of a gorgeous green
color with little Christmas trees and Santas. Thank you so much Manda, we love what you made us. I have also finished the pressie for Bella too, and I love the colors that Manda chose too. I really hope that it fits. I knit it out of Zara Merino wool which is just so soft to touch and gorgeous colors too. I hope that Manda likes it when she gets it.
I also finished up the other teacher's scarf and Isabelle gifted them on Friday. They loved them thankfully. We had their Christmas party Wednesday in the park, and apart from the smokey air it was quite nice. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who sent heartfelt wishes to us for the loss of Ruby. Poor Daisy is miserable too, so she has been inside with us sleeping in Lachlan's beanbag at night for comfort too. I hope that you all have a lovely week leading up to Christmas, and if I dont speak to you before then I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!


Manda said...

I can. not. wait. to put that beautiful top on Bella!! It is going to look wonderful.
You are so welcome for the cushion and cat, I'm glad the colours were right (I hope!).
And I really am sorry about Ruby. :(

Katt said...

Hoping you have a good Chrissie too. Hopefully the wool will turn up soon from me. I hope you really like it.

Merry Chrissie to you and yours.


sandra said...

Wrap is just gorgeous! You did amazing knitting!

RheLynn said...

What a gorgeous soft toy! Manda is quite the artist!

tiennie said...

What great gifts! Enjoy!