Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman

What a fantastic book this looks. I only received it this morning and thought that I would show you a few of my favourite patterns in it. First up is the Fringed Skirt which starts in a size 31 1/2" and goes up to a 47" which is the hip measurement. I just love it, and cables are my all time favourites to knit up. Maybe when I shift some weight from my hips I will knit myself one.

This is another favourite which is called Turtleneck. I think I would have to omit the turtleneck part though as I think it would annoy me too much. This starts in a 37" and goes up to a 53 1/2" so the sizes are quite generous which is always a good thing for us larger people.

This is another favourite, maybe because its red too. It is called the His/Her Reversible Scarf which I can see making in the very near future. I love this pattern, just gorgeous. They actually have a picture of a man wearing it in the book and it looks great on him. There are many other patterns that I love in this book, lots of blankets, cushion covers, scarfs and hats, mens sweaters which are just beautiful and a few other ladies sweater patterns too, which are beautiful. It also has a 100 cable stitch pattern and rib cable pattern section at the end of the book which would be very helpful, especially if you like to design your own knitted items to wear. I think this book will be getting a lot of use.

I also tried to download a picture of the other King of Swing jacket that I was knitting for another nephew of mine, but alas it did not work for some reason, so here it is today. I am now onto the sleeves, and then just the collar to knit and the zipper to sew in. His birthday is not until March so it should not take too long. I will try and knit some more on the baby items today, possibly the blue one since it is the start of Project Spectrum today and I cant wait to see what everyone makes. Isabelle also started school today so she was very excited this morning. I think she will have a great time, even though I was told "don't go anywhere without me mum" before I was leaving her at school. I will post her "first day" photo tomorrow. Now I am off to cast on some stitches for sleeves, and sort the ironing too which is starting to overflow out of the ironing basket. Happy Knitting!


handknit168 said...

Many thanks that you post some pictures and give some content of this book. It seems it is worth to have it as I always like cable knitting. Thanks your compliment to my blog, and it is sorry that I don't have yr email address to reply to you.

Katt said...

Oh they are lovely patterns too!!

The King of Swing cardigan looks great! Cant wait to see it finished.


sandra said...

Oh, I alos love cables, but unfortunatelly sna't remeber last time I knit something bigger than hat with cables on!

Susan said...

Thanks for the photo's, it sure looks like a great book.
I know what you mean about getting patterns for us "larger" people. Too often patterns don't go large enough for me, and I'm not confident enough in my ability to be able to adapt to a larger size.

m said...

I like that skirt as well ..altho I"m pretty sure I'd never wear it ..let alone finish it .
My baby has started school .
Yesterday I was at a loss with my self much to do ..nothing got done ...the house was so quiet and both the dog and I were lonely !!!LOL

Peggy said...

Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, your email address was not included so I had to stalk you! I LOVE that cabled skirt... I bit it would great with a ruffled edge instead of the fringe.

joy said...

I love that turtleneck, and the Sirdar patterns are so classic, they're sure to be well loved. :-)

christina said...

I got that book for Christmas, and I just love it. The patterns are all beautiful.