Friday, February 9, 2007

More ..... books

I have been spoiling myself lately with more knitting books, and trying not to buy any more yarn. I think this is a good idea as it will help with using up the stash, so a great idea in fact. I have been browsing the Emporium Books website which is based in New South Wales, and they have a vast array of books, so this is where I usually order my books from which are not readily available here. First off, Never To Old To Knit looks like a simple basic book, with little techniques like different buttonholes, different cast ons etc. I dont know if I will knit any of the patterns, ok maybe the hat in there, but nothing that stands out. I have not sat down and read through it all, but it seems okay. Now secondly the Knitting For Baby book. I have borrowed this book from the library about 3 times now, and sadly never knitted anything from it, but as we have a few family additions this year I thought I might knit up something from the book, so I thought it was high time to buy my own copy. The patterns in this book are just so adorable, so I will be making plans for its use in the next few months for two of Paul's cousins who are due later in the year.
Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK book. I love the patterns in this book, classic but with style. I even love the capelet/poncho which is full of cablework and looks quite elegant. I think this book was a good investment, and it came from Sunspun which is located in Canterbury in case anybody would like to know where I bought it.
I have been knitting too, as I only have half a sleeve for the King of Swing jacket 2, and then I can put in the zipper and seam it, and its ready for March. I am also trying to knit Isabelle's best friend a birthday pressie too, but for some reason I am not loving the yarn she chose. I think maybe a new yarn is in order for the pattern to look nice. I have also nearly finished a pink baby cardigan, but more on that later on in the week. I am a tiny bit tired today since Isabelle was up last night with a runny nose. When she gets a new tooth she seems to come down with cold like symptoms, and this has happened since she got her first tooth when she was 5 months old. Two weeks ago her first top tooth fell out, and the new one had already broken through, and now her second top tooth is about to fall out, which is being held in place by one root, and I really wish it would fall out while we are at home so we dont lose it. She still went to school this morning though, and is thoroughly enjoying it. She had her little assessment on Wednesday afternoon and went very well. She showed me the chart where she is the tallest girl in her class at 120cm tall. There is one boy that is taller than her too. She made friends with a little girl Chelsea yesterday who is the smallest girl in the class (as she informed me of this on the way home). On Monday she is going to be awarded Student of the Week for being such a good pupil. Her teacher is quite proud of her, and so am I. I am hoping to get a photo of her at assembly on Monday morning. Well that is about it for now, much rush and do some vacuuming before picking her up from school, as we are making a visit to the library to get some more story books. Happy knitting and sewing everyone!


monica said...

At the school my kids attend they make a huge deal out of losing teeth at school. They get a little treasure chest to put their tooth in for safe keeping. They have a chart in the room to track who loses teeth and how many. My poor son was the only one in his kindergarten and first grade class not to lose any teeth, he was in second grade before the first one came out. The knitting books look great, I am a big fan of the Knitting for Baby book.

sandra said...

Enjoy those book - I know I would!

Rhonda said...

You know what happens when you buy more knitting books. more yarn will follow!

Katt said...

Those books look great! I bet there are some gorgeous patterns in them.