Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sewing - FO No 1

Here is my first finished sewing project of the year. I sat and stitched the binding on last night so it would be off my "to do" list.
Pattern: Keeping Them All Together bag
Source: Australian Country Threads, Vol 6 No 12

I used little dragonfly buttons as the top of the letter "T" as they had been in my stash for quite a while and I thought what a great way to use them up. I bought most of the fabric from a patchwork store in Melton, and the yellow gingham I bought at a shop in Williamstown. My sister made this same bag for my mum for her birthday, but in different colors, and I really think hers look much better than mine, but I shall use mine a lot as it has a zipper inserted on the inside so nothing falls out of it. Australian Country Threads has a lot of great things in it, and I have been buying ever since it came out, which was when I working full time so it has probably been about 10 years now. I have every issue and they are stored in the box in my front room, which is where I take my most of my FO's pictures. Paul made me that box when Lachlan was about 3 years of age, and I love it. Although if we had to move it anywhere I would be worried because I would have to empty it out, and it is still quite heavy to move. So now that I have finished up this one, I will have to have a look back through some issues from later years and see if there is anything else I can make to use up some of my fabric stash. I dont know which is worse, hoarding fabric or yarn (but secretly I love both of them), even though Paul said he would like his half of the wardrobe back sometime soon. Tomorrow I shall show you the new Rowan knitting books that I received today. They only took a week to arrive so it was nice and quick. There are some really beautiful patterns in them, and I will show some of my favourites too. Happy Knitting!


sandra said...

That is amazing bag!

Samantha said...

Very cute! :)

Saltwater purls said...

I love those buttons...what a very cute idea. Looking forward to your new books...why do they have to make 10x more cute pattern then I could ever knit.

m said...

lovely bag .I think the dragonfly buttons finish it off nicely .
YOu are so good -buying all these books AND knitting from them ..