Thursday, March 1, 2007

March - Autumn

Here are my new books:
Rowan 41
Rowan Coast
Rowan Nature and Rowan Classic Spirit.
They all have wonderful patterns in them, and I will show you a few of my favourites from each book, for the next four days. I am hoping that my spirit will lift today, as the last two days it feels as though the depression is returning. I hope not, as I really dont like feeling like that. Maybe it is just with all this free time to myself I am not used to the house being so quiet without Isabelle in it. My friend is popping over at 10 so maybe some good company will help lift my mood. See you all tomorrow with the patterns I like in the Nature book. Happy knitting!


Kate said...

Great books - can't wait to see your favourites - I love Rowan stuff!

claudine said...

Oh Sue, I also hope the depression doesn't return! Maybe the new books can cheer you up a bit? The books look great, where did you buy them from?