Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rowan Nature Book

The patterns in this book are made out of Luxury Cotton DK and Bambook Soft, so I assume that you could probably use another similar cotton if you wanted to. First up is Tendril which is a lovely cardigan using a climbing vine pattern with beads. Sorry about the blurry picture too, but I hope you can see the pattern on the front because it really is a beautiful pattern. The cardigan knits up to a size 22 (117cm bust) size.

Next up we have Glade which is a gorgeous cardigan. I think it has that romantic feel to it, and it drapes really well in the picture. This knits up to a size 18 (107cm) so the size is generous. It even has bobbles too, which some people do not like doing, but it is only on certain panels, so maybe it would not be too bad to knit.

Meadow. I think this is my favourite for some reason. I really love this one, and I can see myself making it if I can tackle the lacey pattern on the sleeves and front bands. It too knits up to a size 18 as well, and it looks as though you could wear it over a dress or jeans too, and depending on the color it could be quite striking.

Vista. This sweater looks quite nice, although I would probably not knit the belt to go with it, too much accentuation through the waist line is not a good thing for me. This one looks nice and simple and would probably not take too long to knit up. It too goes up to a size 22.

And lastly Woodland. This is the cardigan featured on the front cover, and I really really like it too. Sorry about the blurriness but I was in a hurry to take the photos. This knits up to an XL which is 112-117cm so it must have room to move in it. This would be such a relaxing thing to wear as I have a passion for ribbed sweaters and cardigans and have not knitted myself one as yet. So now the only thing is to decide what is next to knit up. My to knit list seems to be growing so maybe I can knit something for my sister from one of the books, and it will be in a tinier size and therefore I will be able to finish it much more quickly, and get satisfaction from knitting it too. Tomorrow I will have some more favourites to show you!


twig said...

I love Glade! I'm going to have to look for that book.

Anonymous said...

I like Meadow. There is no great mystery to lace knitting. Just a lot of skpo and yarn overs or k2 tog, I am sure you can do it. Since it is a lace panel and not a big shawl, I think it is a good lace starter project.

Taphophile said...

Oh Sue, you do find the most divine patterns. I've bookmarked the skirt you posted a while ago and just go look at it every now and then. Now these glorious jumpers and cardies. Look forward to seeing which you choose.

Sue H said...

Those patterns all look really great, unfortunately they only go up to a size 18 and I'm whale size......24 or XXL. I have a bit of trouble finding good knitting patterns for me.
If you are concerned about knitting lace, I suggest you try with dishcloths first. Very easy, and there are many patterns at the dishcloth boutique;

Saltwater purls said...

I was eyeing Coast on line the other much to knit so little time.