Monday, March 12, 2007

A Day At The Farm

Yesterday we had a nice day at my aunt's farm in Beaufort, which is about 30 minutes out of Ballarat. She has lots of sheep and 2 cows. We headed up early in the day and stayed for lunch too, which was a nice BBQ cooked by my uncle. The kids were yabbying in the dam and caught about 8 big ones, but decided to let them go again as there wasnt really enough to make a meal of them. The dam is behind Isabelle in the picture where the light colored clay is. The gate Isabelle is on leads to the lambs pen, as they have just been weaned off their mother's this week. They just follow my uncle around the yard when he goes in, I think to see if they will be led back to to
their mothers. The photo at the top is the view from the front of my aunt's house. Their neighbours own farms too, so basically they are surrounded by gum trees which is nice. Lachlan played pool in the games room, and I am sure he could stay in there all day and play. Better than watching tv though. I didnt do any knitting whilst I was there, as I had been trying to do the increase row on the Jethro Jacket, and I could not work it out right. Last night when I had finished watching a tv show I decided to tackle it, and finally got it right. Now I am about 10 rows into the main pattern, which is quite easy. There are only 12 rows so I am sure by the middle of it I should have it memorised, I hope. I also finished a dishcloth, but will have to show you all tomorrow. Today is a public holiday, Labour Day, so that means everyone is home and not much knitting will be done. I hope you all have a lovely day too.


claudine said...

Sounds like a very nice day! Enjoy your long weekend. Our labour day is not until October here in NSW.

Katt said...

Sounds lovely! I like going to visit my parents on their hobby farm. Dont get to do it enough though.


Sue H said...

Seeing those photo's makes me think of when we lived on a farm at Gannawarra between Cohuna,Vic and Barham, NSW. I loved it up there, but it was difficult for the MOTH to get work so we had to return to Melbourne. I still like to get back there to visit rellies.

Melly said...

sounds like such a great day!!! You've got to love days like that. Look forward to seeing your new creations!