Thursday, March 15, 2007

Knitting Beyond The Edge

I bought this book from Meaghan and it arrived this morning. Looking through the pages there are so many wonderful ideas for edgings, cuffs, collars, adding beads and so on. I think today will be spent reading through it all and seeing what ideas will inspire me to one day knit my own sweater. Did I just say that, well let's not hold our breath on that one. I really do admire people who design their own knitwear and do it so well. Just when you think that nobody else can design something else that you would like to knit, out come all the new magazines and books, and hundreds of new patterns too. I dont know how they do it, but some of them do it really well.

I also bought the sock kit for the Lizard Ridge socks, and the color is much more orange than in the photo. I think I am going through an orange phase at the moment, I just seem to like that color and it does not even suit me either. The color of this Melody yarn is Y08 which is a blend of a dark and a lighter orange together. I hope they knit up nicely, but they will be set aside for later next month to complete. I am hoping that my sniffly nose goes away today too, as I feel as though I am about to get a dose of a cold or something similar. Not feeling quite 100%, but I just had a honey and lemon drink so hopefully it will make me feel better. Thank you all too for the wonderful comments on the Jethro Jacket . I have not touched it since, yes I know shame on me, but I have been trying to finish a cardigan for Isabelle which I cast on for last October, and I would like her to wear it to her cousin's birthday in two weeks, so I am hurriedly trying to finish it up. So that's about it for now, must go and do some more knitting!


tiennie said...

I love that book. Can't wait to see what you create with it!

pamela wynne said...

I'm crazy about that sherbety orange. Take care, and feel better!

Katt said...

those socks are going to look excellent all knitted up!

Take care of up lots


PlumStitches said...

ooh, I've been admiring that book for awhile, but haven't bought it. Can't wait to see what inspires you from it. Hope you feel better soon!