Friday, March 30, 2007

Sock Blockers

Yesterday afternoon the parcel man delivered my sock blockers that I purchased from Helen. Arent they beautifully made. There are lambs engraved onto the fronts too, which I think suits them very well. I tried my sock on for size yesterday, and now realise why my socks are always turning out so short. Look how short the sock looks. It is short on my leg too. I think from now on I will be trying them on the sock blockers instead of my feet for the length from the top to the heel! These are size large, since I have big feet (size 10), and my sister has the same size too, so I can use these for her socks as well. Thank you Helen for making these for me.

Isabelle also got a nice pressie yesterday. Her school had an Easter raffle, and she got 9th prize, a bunny rabbit and a rabbit lollipop too. I had to take the photo before she started eating it. I am glad to say she only ate a small part of the rabbit before putting it away for another day. She was quite excited to win something. Please excuse her hair, she had just gotten home from school and since she likes to run around so much this is how she normally looks returning home. I think I will have to start putting more hairclips in her hair to keep it out of her face. By the way, thank you all for the lovely comments on the stripey hoodie, I loved them all. You are all such wonderful people giving me motivation to create more when I really need it. Sometimes I just lose my motivation and dont do any knitting for a few days. I had been in a bit of a slump this week, but now I am knitting another baby knit for a blogger, so no photos in case she peeks beforehand. I might give you all a little peek soon, but hopefully she wont be able to tell what it is. I hope you all have a really wonderful day, and may your weekend be filled with lots of knitting!


jessica said...

Love the sock, and the sock blockers! So very cool! If i ever get to knitting more socks I'll deffinetly want to purchase some too!

Good job Isabelle only eating some of the bunny! Its so hard to say NO to chocolate:)

Anonymous said...

Your socks look great, I love the sock blocker.
Isabelle did well. The raffle and not eating to much in one sitting. Does she share?

I love the yellow stripe hoodie. Are you going to put buttons on it?
Knitting baby clothes is such great fun. The way you can knit a sleeve in a couple of hours.
I love your colour combination. It looks great.

monica said...

The striped hoodie is beautiful. I love it! I love your sock blockers too. When Helen talked about them on her blog I immediately went to the ebay site and was disappointed to see they only ship within Australia:( I ordered some from here in the states instead;( Lucky Isabelle for winning a chocolate rabbit. She has more will power than I do I probably would have eaten the whole thing and then been miserable.

Kendra said...

I love the sock blockers. The sock is great too.

The chocolate rabbit looks very tasty!

NattyChick said...

Congratulations Isabelle! (I love that name - my daughters middle name, only spelled differently).

Your striped hoodie looks wonderful too! I am inspired to go and get that book just so I can knit one. My sister in law is having a baby soon.

Kate said...

Great sock (fabulous colour) and great sock blockers.

Katt said...

Is that a Stormy Seas sock!!?! LOL

I am thinking about getting some of those Sock Blockers from Helen.

I am so gonna have to make a skein up of that for me. Between you and Metal and Knit (who is also knitting up some Stormy Seas socks)..I am loving that colourway!

Lucky Isabelle for winning a rabbit and lolly! She did well!


Sue H said...

The socks are great and those sock blockers are wonderful. I've been thinking of ordering some from Helen too.
Isabelle looks adorable, and her "wild" hair just shows that she's an energetic child, which is just what she should be.