Monday, April 2, 2007

April Allready!

Good morning everyone! The school holidays have started and it seems that I may still be able to get my blogging and reading done on the computer in the mornings as the cartoons are being watched at the moment, so it leaves some free time for me.
Look at what arrived this morning, my sock yarn order from Katt. Isnt she just so clever with her dyeing. It all looks so beautiful doesnt it.
First up is the Self Striping Girls Denim, then Seashells, and then Jaffa. All gorgeous colors, and I do have plans for the Seashells but I will let you know about that later on in the week.

Katt also gave me a little pressie with the yarn too. See her gorgeous stitch markers, little amethyst heart markers. I think they look so pretty and will come in handy too. Thank you so much Katt, they were a lovely surprise.

Project Spectrum has changed their colors too, to green, yellow and pink. I think this has to be my favourite color choices, and all of the yarn above has those colors in them too. I cannot wait to get started on some new knits, although there are some languishing in the UFO basket from last month's color choices too. I am hoping to finish that other sock which will have to be knit short as well. Any future socks will be made a lot longer now with my sock blocker to measure them by. Oh and on Sunday it will be my one year blogiversary so I will be having a little prize giveaway to my wonderful commentors. I will draw a name out of everyone who leaves a comment on that post and then I will let you know who the winner is! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


pamela wynne said...

woo, that yellow! very Springy!

Corrie said...

wow sue i was just thinking of you today and that i hadn't checked out your blog in a week or two!
love the yarn, I just love that yellow and I'm not much of a yellow person!

I love my new blog too and having someone do it for me was heaven as I tried to change template and it was not working for me!

I have ordered the weekender bag and will be selling for $19 so once I've received them I'll let you know! I know they retail in quilting stores for $24.95 (which is what I normally pay ) so want to keep under the $20 mark. I'm also ordering her stuff and get so many comments on her nappy bag!

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks beautiful and very spring like, fits perfect with April.
Is one skein enough for a pair of socks?
Here we also have school holidays. I am lucky I get a chance to actually use the computer. At the moment here, using photo booth is the latest craze. That means I only get the computer when she goes out.

Sue H said...

I love Katt's yarns, she is so talented. Love your purchases.

JulieFrick said...

I love that yellow yarn. As if I needed another source for sock yarn. Har.

sandra said...

Seashells are gorgeous - took my heart immediatelly!

Corrie said...

just letting you know my shop is now open! free postage to my blogger friends!


Corrie said...

hi sue,
thanks for stopping by! Let me know what fabric you'd like and quantity and I can order it specifically for you as her range is so extensive. Fabric will be $19.95 a yard or $5 a fat quarter and free postage for you. At the moment I find it is about A$24 over here so I really want to be competitive!
ps let me know your email address too and I'll email direct!

Katt said...

I am so glad you like it all! and I hope you get a good use out of the stitch markers

I cant wait to see what you do with it!