Friday, May 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged

It seems there is another meme going around blogland lately, and I have been tagged by the wonderful Jessica. Here are the rules as I understand them to be - Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves and writes them on their blog. They also need to tag 7 other people, then contact them via email or in their comments, advising them that they have been tagged and to read your blog. So here goes, although I hope you dont fall asleep reading!

  1. When I was a little girl I used to love to draw. I would sit for hours at the kitchen table, or in my bedroom, just drawing pictures, which were usually images from storybooks, my imagination or something I had seen. My mother still keeps a portrait of my grandmother which I drew from a photo of her.
  2. In Grade 5 some children in my class won a competition by doing a drawing of the Gold Field days. I was one of the children whose picture was chosen, and so our class got to visit an author. I cannot remember who it was now, but I remember it was very interesting learning about how a book comes together, with the writing and the pictures too. Pity I cant remember who it was, but I do remember they lived in the bush somewhere in a nice cottage.
  3. Do you remember the show Shirl's Neighbourhood. Well it had Shirl Strachan (now deceased sadly), and Norm the Kangaroo. Well when my sister was 8 years old she entered their competition, and sent in a picture of my tiger that I had drawn. Well it got shown on television and my sister won a trip to Sovereign Hill for our family, a photo album, and a beach towel with Norm the Kangaroo. I thought it was just wonderful that she had won and it was on tv, although we did not have a video back then to tape it.
  4. When I was in Grade 6 our class had a camp at Sovereign Hill. Now Sovereign Hill is like an old period town of 100's of years ago, which you have to pay to enter, and whilst there you can visit the goldmine, sift for gold in the creek, dress up in period costume, take a horse and buggy ride, go bowling and many other things too. It has a small school there too, and we used to go to a small house outside of Sovereign Hill, where we would dress in old period style of dress, then attend the school at Sovereign Hill. There we played all the old style games and learnt things from that period of time. On the last day we were filmed for a documentary skipping down the main street rolling hoops in our costumes. I dont know what the film was called, but I am sure it was for the ABC back then.
  5. Now some other habits or memories, hmmm let me think. I cannot stand the smell of bubblegum or chewing gum. It makes me feel nauseous and I can always tell when someone near me is eating it.
  6. I cannot sit still and watch television without knitting or sewing or reading. It drives Paul nuts because he thinks I never relax, which is probably true but I think it is just my anxious nature. At least this way I always get to knit when I sit down so I accomplish a bit more.

Now I am going to tag Gillian, Kate, Manda, Siow Chin, Katt, Sue, and last but not least Maryanne. I cannot wait to read all of your answers too! Hope you have a wonderful day, and a great Mother's Day too.


Siow Chin said...

Oh dear, now I really do not know what to write!

jessica said...

What fun interesting facts! I use to draw a lot too! I havent in quite a while though... Thanks for playing, its always fun to learn more about others!

picklesticks said...

That was fun to read. It is interesting to find out more about the bloggers we have come to love. A quick note about my scrappy quilt - it went together in one day! I was so amazed. I even cooked lunch for thousands in the middle! Good luck and I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

jessica said...

Hope you have a wonderful day of being spoiled! My day is on sunday... I can't wait*grin*

Sue H said...

Aaarrrrgh, you got me. hehe. OK, I'm off to do my facts, and figure out who I'm going to tag.

Lauri said...

Hello-just found your blog by way of Kate's. I'm just like you in the way I can't just "sit and watch TV". I have to be doing something. The last two days I've had some kind of bug or something, and have done nothing but lay in the recliner watching TV. Yesterday, my husband very seriously asked me if I needed to go see a doctor! lol!

Maryann said...

Thanks Sue for the tag, and I finally did the meme today. And me too, I can't just watch TV without doing anything either ;o)