Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful mum's day. I got woken at 7:00 am so that Isabelle and Lachlan could give me their presents. Isabelle bought the dolphin plate at the stall at school. Isnt it pretty and sparkly. Lachlan actually made me these salad servers, which work really well. We just need to oil them with vegetable oil and I can use them. He is so talented with his hands. I also got the new Missy Higgins CD which I have not had a chance to listen to yet, but am surely going to try to during the week. Isabelle also made me 2 cards, and they bought me one too. Arent they just so cute and adorable. I think Isabelle was more excited about it than me, and thinking about her excitement always makes me feel soppy. I only really asked for one thing, no fighting between the kids for the day, which unfortunately did not happen, but I suppose you get 2 where they fight more than anything else. One minute they are best friends, and the next they are worse enemies. Oh well I am hoping they will outgrow that behaviour. Tomorrow Paul and I are going to St. Kilda and have a little browse around. I am hoping to pop into Sunspun if I can twist his arm. We'll see how I go, and I should have another FO for tomorrow too.


2paw said...

Lovely presents, and they will grow out of it, eventually. My sister and I did, we mellowed in our 30s!!!!!!!! Have a nice shop!!

amanda j said...

What lovely presents! My kids were really good for most of the day, but it would be strange for them to not have at least one fight a day!!

Poshyarns said...

Oh what lovely gifts, hand made cards are the absolute best.

Thanks for your good luck wishes on the crochet front, I have one more sleeve to do and then I am going to buckle down to the crochet, keeping everything crossed.

ferg said...

Of course Isabelle was excited. Giving is so much more of a thrill than receiving and she would have hardly slept for thinking about waking up and doing it all.
Those salad servers are lovely. I find so many are really bulky and squash the salad. Lachlan is really clever with his hands because both parents are too!
lots of love Gillian

tiennie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Katt said...

great pressies!!

Happy Belated Mothers Day :D