Sunday, July 22, 2007


I thought I would show you all some knitting since I havent shown any for a little while lately. Here are some of the dishcloths from the Mason and Dixon knitting book. I used some of the Anchor Magicline cotton that I bought a few weeks ago from Spotlight. They each took one ball, and the color variations are very nice and bright too. My mum thought I had been using different balls on each of them until I told her it was just the way the yarn changed colors in the ball. I quite like these ones, and I have a nice green one on the needles too, which I knit on when I have a spare moment. Paul has been working up at Wangaratta since Friday and wont be back until tomorrow night. I hope he will be back tomorrow night and doesnt have to stay another night. My mum and dad are going to take the kids to their place for a few hours whilst I get some things done, like wash the floors and do the ironing. At least I will be able to collect my thoughts for a few hours whilst they are gone and be prepared for when they get back. I dont know how people manage on their own with small children and no break at all from them. You really do need time out sometimes.
I took the kids to see the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday afternoon. Lachlan didnt like the dementors and hid behind his hands. Isabelle said a few things were scary too. I really liked the movie, and it was a bit dark and eerie in parts, and I felt the movie was sad in some ways too. The kids did enjoy it though, and Lachlan thought it was the best one yet. We also purchased the new book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I have been reading it since we bought it. I amm now up to Chapter 13 and it is quite good. It was nice being able to read in bed, as before I had Isabelle I used to read in bed every night. I had a chance to last night as Paul wasnt there, and he usually gets up at 5:00 in the morning so he needs all the sleep he can get. Well mum and dad have just arrived to give me some free time so I had better hop off the computer and get some things tidied up and out of the way. Happy knitting!!


ferg said...

The dishcloths look too lovely to use. The colourways look very "Sue" and I would have thought that you had put them together yourself too.
Hope you are feeling better and rested,
Love Gillian

Yvette said...

Hi Sue - thank you for comments about my knitting on my blog yesterday!

I really appreciate your kind words. Now thanks to your blog I have found the Anchor Magic Line cotton - Spotlight here I come!

I have added your blog to my favourites



Kate said...

I had to buy some cotton at spotlight when I was there after reading about your dishcloths and your new book - your look great!

jessica said...

What cute dishcoths! Love the fun bright colours!

Happy reading!

Karen said...

Your dishcloths are so bright and cheery! My daughter,niece and I are going to see the HP movie on Wednesday. I finished the new book this morning (no spoilers from me, except I laughed and cried). It is very good, I had a hard time putting it down to sleep.

Sandra said...

What great coloureway on dishcloths! So bright and stick to my taste!

Lucky to have Mom and Dad near by to take care (from time to time) of grandkids!

2paw said...

Oh lovely dishcloths, I bought some of that cotton too: it was such a bargain!!

Dipsy said...

I really love your dishcloths, especially with those happy and cheerful colours!

PlumStitches said...

I really like the colors in the dishcloths. Bright and cheerie. That's so nice that your parents are close enough to take the kids and you get a well deserved break!

Sue H said...

I haven't tried Anchor Magicline cotton, but will have to give it a try. I've always used Sugar 'n' Cream or Peaches and Creme for my dishcloths.

Loved the final HP book, but I'm sad it's all over. I'll miss my magic friends. Still haven't seen the movie yet.