Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quilt In Day

I'm back! I havent gone anywhere, but I have been busy getting back into the school routine. I had a fabulous time on Saturday at my sister's quilt in group. There were about 150 ladies, and quite a few knitters too. I did get some nice comments on my knitting as I didnt have any hand sewing to take with me. My sister got lots of great compliments on her Angel's Journal quilt which is absolutely gorgeous I must say. She is hand quilting it which will take quite a while.
There were some great stalls too - Fragrant Cottage from Warrnambool, Blue Willow Cottage from Werribee, The Village Patch from Maldon, and The Drapers of Mount Macedon. I have been to the shops in Maldon and Werribee before, but not to the other two. After all the snow we had yesterday around us, none in Melton though, I will venture up to take a peek at the Mount Macedon shop. She had really beautiful things on display. Annette from Fragrant Cottage was the guest speaker, and she had some really beautiful quilts to show. Two of them she bought when she was in the USA, and were quite old, but really beautiful.
I did buy some goodies too, which you know I would have. I just cant help myself when I see really nice things I want to make. I bought some extra sharp little scissors which I will keep by my sewing machine and will be really handy. I also bought a jacket pattern, which goes up to a size 12 so I should be able to make a few for Isabelle as she grows. Let's hope that the first one turns out okay. I also bought two books - Winsome Baby which has some great appliqued bibs, baby blocks, baby bags, and other such cute things for gifting. I also bought Annie Downs "A Christmas Story" and it is even autographed. Beautiful projects in this book, and I love all the little stories she adds in her pages too. They are so funny. Last but not least a little bag kit from Blue Willow Cottage which I plan to make very soon. I just need to find a magnetic clip - any ideas where to buy those things in Melbourne, Australia.
Back to the knitting, and yes I have been knitting. I have done a couple of rows on my pink sock, halfway through the hood for the baby jacket, and have started a brown jumper which I am knitting out of Country Silk in a rich brown color. I hope it will look alright on me though, as it is really just a plain jumper. I do need to get back to finishing off some of Isabelle's too, as I dont want her to outgrow them before they are finished. Isabelle also had her report day today, and she got an excellent report. I also booked in her party at McDonald's as that is what she wanted instead of a big present. Only about 3 more weeks to go before she turns 6. I think once they start school the time just flies by, and you will wish they were babies again. Well that is it for now as I must go and get some much needed sleep as my ear infection which is still lingering has been making me feel a bit queasy so after some much needed ear drops I am hoping it doesnt take too long to go away. As Paul would say - there is always something wrong with me, or in this case him too as he hurt his back again on the weekend and couldnt go on the tram lunch. It just was not meant to be! Happy knitting!!!


PlumStitches said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday! I hope you feel better, ear infections aren't fun at any age.

monica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday. And I think you are right about the correlation of school and our kids aging rather quickly. It happens all too fast. I hope the ear infection clears up soon.
Happy knitting (or) sewing which ever you choose to do first.