Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall Knitty and a meme!

Oh the new Knitty is up. It has so many wonderful things in it too. A few of my favourites which I will definately need to print out this afternoon are
  • Roam - a hoodie in variegated yarn, just gorgeous.
  • Percy - a small bag to hold your mobile and few other little knicknacks
  • Totally Autumn - a lacey pattern throw and I love the color of the yarn too
  • Cherie Amour - A beautiful sweater which I would probably make for someone else
  • Green Jeans - A cabled cardi and the color is beautiful too
  • Cinderella - socks with a really pretty pattern
  • Foliage - cabled hats which are really nice

I can see myself having a long list of things but it is good, you know why. I can go through my stash and use up some yarn. More on that later....

Now Sheila tagged me for the middle name meme. You need to describe yourself using the letters from your middle name, so here goes - Valerie. Now I have never really liked that name, although it was my grandmother's middle name too and I never had the chance to meet her. She passed away when my mum was 10 years of age, and was apparently a fabulous knitter who would sit by the kitchen fire and knit an adult sweater in a week. So here goes

V - Virgo (September 10) ooh and I thought that would be the hardest one to do

A - Auburn colored hair even though I have it colored and highlighted

L - Love my family and love to buy yarn too

E - Exercise I walk about 6 hours a week walking Isabelle to school and delivering catalogues

R - Red - I really love this color

I - Iced Coffee - I love this stuff even though I know it is no good for me

E- Excited to meet all the wonderful knitters and crafsters in blogland

So I am tagging the following people - Gillian, Jessica, Karin, Corrie, and Tiennie. I hope you all have fun answering it too and I cant wait to see what your middle names are. Wishing you all a great weekend too.


Cecilia said...

Hurray Knitty! There are some wonderful patterns in this issue. So many beautiful sweaters. And I love the Muir lace shawl too!

jessica said...

I've kinda been busy this week and have barely been on the computer... I'll get to the meme one of these days ;O)

*Look for my pattern in the knitting callendar!

2paw said...

Yes, I like Mr Greenjeans, Cherie Amour, Roam and Totally Autumn too!! Some really great things that will have to wait till Autumn, I think!!

tiennie said...

I totally want to knit Roam! Nice answers to your meme. I'll have to think about what I want to say!