Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Gifties

First up, thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes. I havent really had time to reply to your wonderful comments, so A BIG THANK YOU to everybody. Up above are the angel plates and the frame which Paul and the children brought me for my birthday. My mum actually bought the plate in the middle for me, which is probably my favourite one. I have them on the wall at the end of the kitchen table so we can all see them hanging there whilst we eat dinner.
I also received this lovely patchwork bag from my mum and dad. I had mentioned it one day whilst we were out shopping together that I really liked it. Of course I thought nothing more of it until it was my birthday and she handed me a large present. She also bought me some really lovely fat quarters too, which will have to be another post when I actually make something from them. I can fit quite a fair bit of knitting in this bag so it is perfect for me to put more than one project in there when I have somewhere to visit.

Oh and I received the knitting books that I had ordered from Fishpond too.
  • No Sheep For You - A wonderful book. I really like the pattern in this one.
  • Knitting Calendar 2008 - There are some really cute patterns in this too.
  • Twisted Sisters Sock Book - Still deciding on this one. I dont think it is quite my cup of tea, so perhaps it will be a giveaway for someone who really wants it. Any takers please let me know.
  • Bend The Rules Sewing - Fabulous book. It is such an easy book to understand with hints and tips everywhere, and beautiful pictures too.
  • Knit 4 by Jo Sharp - I really love the cardigans knit out of the Alpaca Silk Georgette in this book. Simple but elegant. As for the sequined yarn patterns probably not my style, but still simple and effective.
Oh and I did manage some knitting whilst Isabelle was lying on the couch watching Charlie and Lola DVD's. I think we have watched all 5 DVD's about them now, but I dont mind them compared to some children's shows on tv. Can you guess what it is. It is the Ribby Cardi by Bonne Marie Burns of Chicknits. I have had this pattern for a long time, but decided to use up some Cotton Ease that I had bought some time ago and thought it would be perfect. It is knitting up so nicely. This is all the progress I have managed though since I started it on Monday afternoon. I am hoping to try and finish the back tonight, fingers crossed. I am sure that I can accomplish quite a bit over the next 2 days as Isabelle wont be going back to school until next week. Her spots are starting to heal. She only had one really nasty one which was in her hair and looked quite horrible. Her fever has now gone after having it for 4 days. She now has the nasty flu like cough that goes along with chickenpox so a few more days rest should make her good as new again. She will only have next week of school to go and then I am sure they are on school holidays. We are thinking of going to see the December Boys or Ratatouille at the movies, and possible catching up with some friends too. I hope you all have a wonderful week without any spots!


Siow Chin said...

I hope Isabelle will recover from the chickenpox soon. Charlie and Lola would be a nice distraction for her. My girls adore the stories too. May I ask where you get the DVDs? I've only managed to order the first 2 volumes through the school book order.

amanda j said...

Lovely gifts and books!

We love Charlie and Lola too, they are so cute and because we have our own big brother/little sister combo they stories are often clost to home. I would recommend Ratatouille, we saw it today and loved it.

I want to make the Ribby Cardi so I will have to watch for how yours turns out!

tiennie said...

Hope your little 'un feels better soon! Great loot you've got there. Enjoy!

Cecilia said...

What a fun package to receive. Those books look great! Your ribby cardi looks like it'll be lovely too. Hope your little one is all healed up soon.

Adriana said...

Our family has avoided the Chicken pox for 8 years (without the help of the vaccine). I hope she is doing better soon.

What lovely knitting books. Do you have a favourite? Jo Sharp is on the top of my list, her patterns always turn out great.

sheila said...

The tote bage is adorable, I really like the colors!

I also wanted to let you know that you have been tagged!

PlumStitches said...

Glad to hear that Isabelle is on the mend. I had the chicken pox twice as a kid and it was no fun! Looks like the books will keep you busy and you have a nice bag to tote the projects from them around in.

Corrie said...

wow look at those pressies...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love bend the rules and better check my newsagent today if they've got the new jo sharp as I love all her books so much!

Kate said...

I hope Isabelle is better now, we have all finally recovered. Great book stash!