Monday, October 15, 2007

Back On Blossom Street

I have been reading since the weekend (apart from blogs) and I have been enjoying it too. I discovered this book at the local K-Mart last week and since it was the only copy I decided to buy it. I still have the first one (Shop on Blossom Street) somewhere around here. It is about a young lady who in the first book goes through the trials of having her own yarn store whilst dealing with cancer, family problems, etc. Now this book continues on with the story of her and a few friends from the last book, and what happens to each of them, plus a few new characters too. I used to read a lot of books before I had children, so now when I find a book I really want to read I go to my bedroom and read for an hour or two whilst the children are occupied with their friends or doing something together. I find it quite relaxing to read and get immersed in the story quite easily. Lachlan is a bookworm like me too, and we just bought Deltora Quest 3 for him to read. He had finished the first series of it, and we are now waiting on the bookstore to get Deltora Quest 2 in for him to read. I think he read for most of the day yesterday.
Paul took the kids to the local park yesterday too for a fishing competition. They had stocked the lake with about 800 trout and held the comp from 10 to 2 yesterday. They only stayed an hour as it was impossible to fish with so many people. They didnt even have room to cast their lines properly. The park is only a 5 minute walk from our house, so the boys will go after school during the week and see if they are lucky enough to catch a fish. I hope they do so we can have some nice grilled trout for dinner.
Oh, and I took Isabelle to get her ears pierced on Friday morning. She has been asking for a while now to have them done and I was a bit worried about how she would be. We went to the chemist and they said to come in at 10:00. Imagine trying to entertain a child for an hour whilst they are waiting to get it done. By the time we got back there she was feeling better, until the lady had to get everything ready. Isabelle was holding my hand looking a bit worried, and I was going to cancel it. She said no, she wanted to still get it done. She cried a little bit after the first ear and then knew what the second one was going to feel like. It always breaks my heart to see my children upset and in pain. She did really really well though and only cried a little bit. I tried to explain that the hard part was over and that that was as much pain as she was going to be in. After an hour or so she said it didnt hurt as much, so we went to McDonald's to have some lunch, and distract her from thinking about it. Later that night she did say to me that it did hurt a lot, and that after the first one she didnt want the second one done. I can imagine why too. Now she is full of smiles and her earrings look lovely on her too, little peridot ones which is her birthstone. She is already thinking about what ones she wants for Christmas as a present. This is a good idea too as people never know what to buy her. I have been knitting too, and am on the sleeves for Isabelle's red cardigan. I did the collar and bands last night. I seem to be a on a sleeve rolll as I am knitting up the sleeves for Lachlan's jumper too, so hopefully I can finish two in the month of October. I have also been on ravelry and it is so fantastic. If you would like me to add you to "my friends" list just let me know your username so I can find you. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day.


Sue H said...

Ah, I remember taking Natalie to get her ears pierced. She was 18 months old, and cried a little after the first one, but got over it very quickly. She in turn got Maisy's done early. Maisy looks cute in her earrings.
I'm on ravelry, and Nat's going to help me, as I really don't know what I should do in there.......pretty useless in that way. hehe

Laura B said...

Earrings do make lovely gifts for those that can use them. Sounds like she was really brave about the whole thing.

tiennie said...

Ear piercing - your little girl is growing up! My mom and sister did the piercings on both my daughters simultaneously (both ears got done at once - my mom doing one, my sister doing the other) so they wouldn't freak out over the "second" piercing! Shock 'em once!

Knittypants said...

Brave girl getting her ears pierced. I remember how it felt, it's not easy is it.

jessica said...

Oh that must be hard to watch... I bet she looks cute with them though! Thanks for your comment, I know we all have days like that but its nice to know I'm not alone:O) I think I'm better now!

ferg said...

Hi Sue, that book looks good, a relaxing read. I'm going to keep an eye open for it.
Once your ears are done it's so easy to wear nice earrings. I'm sure Isabelle will love it all once they heal.
Cheers Gillian