Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Softies book arrived today. What an interesting book this is. I havent had much time to look through it properly as yet, but I am sure I will later today. The toys in this are quite cute and I can see myself making one or two for a gift.
I also visited Meaghan and finally ordered a Jordana Paige bag. They are so beautiful and they even have their own dust cover bag so they dont get dusty or dirty. Lots of room inside too. I ordered the olive one and it arrived in two days. Meaghan is always such a great person to order from and will try and help as much as she can if need be with an order too so pop on over and see her.
I have also finished knitting Isabelle's cardigan, although the buttons still need attaching and I can get her to wear it for a photo. It has been too hot lately, and now today it is cold and not much sunshine. Perhaps after school today I can get her to model it for me. The green cardigan is nearly finished too, just one sleeve and a bit of seaming. Oh and buttons to be added on that one too. I have started another sweater for my nephew who turned 4 yesterday. The hoodie I had knitted earlier looked a bit small for him so I am knitting the Digging Sweater from Miss Bea series. It should knit up nice and quickly. I am knitting it in a light blue color and it is from stash so I feel good about reducing it a little bit. Well I am off to sew and knit and do whatever else needs doing around the house. Happy knitting and sewing!


tiennie said...

What a cute book and great bag! Enjoy!

Katherine said...

You've been reading my mind. I was just checking out that book today online. I'd be interested in what you think once you've had a chance to take a closer look. That tree on the cover is calling me.

And I've wanted one of those bags for ages. {{sigh}} Maybe for Christmas?

Kate said...

I was chacking that book the other day - I must order it.

woolie wombat said...

Dunno if you have seen the Jean Greenhowe books but they have some great stuff in them too!

regards Ali (aka wooliewombat)

Sam said...

I can't wait to see what you make from the softies book -- looks like there are a lot of fun projects.

dizzyjadey said...

Would love to hear a review from you about that book, Sue. I've seen it around online, but nobody's actually written about it yet....cheers & happy crafting!

Katt said...

Cute book! I love toy pattern books, have all but 1 of the Jean Greenhowe ones.

Love the bag too, very nice.


Sue H said...

Love the Jordanna Paige bags. I bought one from NattyChick.
Beautiful baby cardies, really love the green one.