Sunday, February 3, 2008

The List Is Getting Longer

First up I would like to thank Amanda J, Kate and Karin for presenting me with the You Make My Day award. I cant believe how many people have nominated me and you cant imagine how honoured I feel too, so thank you so much girls!
So first up some knitting books that I have received recently and I really like too.
The Pleasures of Knitting has some really lovely patterns in it, two of which I would love to knit up.
The Little Box of Knitted Gifts has some cute things in it although nothing out of the ordinary. I do like it though and plan to knit up a few things later on!
The last book is Soft and Simple Knits for Little Ones and it has some cute things in it too, but I will show some favourites from it another day.

Now onto the knitting, as I have been promising a few WIP shots.
  1. The Pink Flower Cardigan which is a little bit hard to photograph. This is one repeat so far (why did I choose bobbles). It will be a bit of time before it is finished.

2. The DB Baby Cabled Hoodie which I cast on for last year and still have not finished. I really love all the little cables in it but it is time consuming. The color is actually a darker red, but you know my camera it always changes colors on reds and blues for some reason.

3. The Fog Sweater - this is coming along nicely and I have already finished the back and cast on for the front. Yes, I am not knitting in the round and I dont mind seaming so I cant wait to finish this one.

4. Trellis - yes well I started this last year too and only have half the back finished so far. Whilst photographing my stash I found the rest of the cotton for it so I do plan on finishing this one too.

5. Vintage Car Coat - I started this one last week and it is so fun to knit. More on that later.

6. Pink Socks - nothing fancy, just plain 64 sts socks in one of Katt's yarns but I will have to look up the color since the label is now missing. I have completed half a sock so I should take some time to finish it up.

7. Buzy Lizzie - I looove this pattern! It is so cute. I have started the left front, and finished the back last year some time. This will have to be completed soon too so I can cross it off the list.

8. Jethro Jacket - Yes this is still sitting in the UFO basket but recently I found it again and felt like knitting some of it. I will need to get motivated to knit this in the cooler weather though as it is quite warm and the weather has been hot and humid here.

9. Duffle Coat - yes after ripping out the first version because I had 2 different dye lots, I cast on for another color and that is all that has been completed so far.

10. Blue Baby Cardigan - I love this little baby jacket and have knit it twice before for cousin's babies, but will need to finish the front and sleeves so I can pop it into the gift basket.

11. Twist - I love this pattern and Bonne Marie is so clever with the garments that she designs. I have knit a little bit of the back and will try and knit some more on it after I have finished a few others.

12. Cobblestone sweater - This is nearly halfway and I havent photographed it yet either. I really need to get back to it instead of having it sit in the bag waiting for me to pay attention to it.

13. Midwest Moonlight Scarf - Another winter knit which is still not finished yet. It is halfway done so I really should finish this one too. I had to keep repeating the last repeat when I was doing it as I kept making silly mistakes, so after I had fixed them I put it in a bag to marinate for a while until I was ready to start it again. It really is a lovely pattern so when I have some quiet time I will try and finish it.

Well that is the list so far of WIP's and I should try and finish some of them off soon. I know there is more sitting there waiting to be finished too but I dont want to feel too guilty, this list is bad enough. How many WIP's do you have waiting to be finished!

Oh and tomorrow I should be able to knit some more as BOTH children will be back at school tomorrow, so hooray for me. I did most of my ironing yesterday so that is off the to do list. Isabelle and I also got a long awaited haircut. Isabelle's hair kept getting knotty and driving me crazy trying to brush it, so now it has a good 2 inches snipped off the back and looks much neater too. I would have preferred it in a bob but she would have been upset if we cut that much off it. I also got quite a bit cut off mine. I was a bit annoyed last time as my hairdresser decided to leave it a bit longer, but my hair grows like a weed so 3 weeks later it was looking quite terrible. I dont think she will leave it like that again as I told her I wasnt happy last time with the extra length. Now it is nice and short and very manageable. Just what I need when having to run around after the kids. Now I am off to serve homemade lasagna for dinner which I whipped up yesterday afternoon so I didnt have to cook tonight!


Cynthia said...

You have a lot going on there Sue! I love the Pink Cardi and the Fog Sweater (although I cannot say I enjoy your love of; they look great and I can't wait to see the finished versions!

Cecilia said...

Wow, that's an ambitious list of WIPs. I'm so impressed! Thanks for the baby knit suggestions on my blog. I do love the Debbie Bliss baby stuff. I'll check out Sublime books too.

Stitch Sista said...

If I *do* have that many WIPS (and it's possible), then most of them are hibernating. I only have 3 'official' WIPS, but of course I have managed to squeeze in some other little projects in between!

Happy knitting today! I'm a bit envious :). Long time yet for me to have all the kidlets at school though ;).

picperfic said...

you've got some lovely knitting to get must have loads of needles!

tiennie said...

Your knits are looking lovely! You do deserve every nomination.

Sandra said...


Hilary said...

Wow -- that is some list! Can't wait to see the FO's.

amanda j said...

That is quite a list. I don't have many WIPs at the moment, I have been trying to keep the list manageable!

Must be the time for haircuts. I had mine done today too!

amanda said...

WOW! You've got a lot on the needles. Love the little flower - what a great idea to make flowers out of bobbles. Good luck finishing them!

Ann said...

Your WIPs list is amazing! I have only 3 WIPs - a singlet & 2 socks as I am the type of knitter who has to finish 1 project before casting on another. Very boring.

YoMJ said...

I know what you mean about your daughters hair. I had one of my daughters hair that you couldn't bring a brush through. Had to go to braiding. Love your ambitious list.


samantha said...

well it makes me feel a whole lot better about all the wip's I've got hidden around the house. The ripple blanket is taking priority at the moment, but the right arm might need a rest soon, so something else might just get dragged out of the cupboard :)
I can't wait to see photo's of all yours as they finish.

Sam said...

Wow, that is quite the list of projects. I'm loving the DB cabled hoodie that you are working on. It's soo pretty.

Gillian said...

Well Sue, the truth comes out. I must admit that I thought you were a prolific knitter but I'm relieved to know that, just like the rest of us even though you could knit for the olympics there are still some false and slow starts.
I remember you saying that you liked lasagne but could only eat it if you made it yourself. You must be the only person I know who can "Whip one up!"
Glad you are all well. Hope the kids have settled in back at school
Love for now Gillian

ann said...

Hi Sue! I'm so glad I can visit your blog properly now that I'm back in Singapore... for some reason many blog websites are blocked in China. Wow, I am impressed with your list of WIPs! Sounds like we can look forward to many new FOs soon.

Dove Knits said...

You've got alot to do! And I can't wait to see it all!

I love the little bobble flower, btw.

Rebecca said...

I think you're list of WIPs is great! It's lovely to see someone who has as much, probably more, than me started! I find it amazing how many things you actually complete every year! You are a knitting machine! Great work.