Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogger Pressies!

I have had a few hard weeks lately (as you all know) and I have been reading a few blogs who have had some contests. Well would you believe that I won 3 contests in the last few weeks.

First of all was Corrie's fabric scrap parcel (which Isabelle loved). No photo though as I think Isabelle sifted through most of it and decided she could use it. Cheeky monkey that she is.

Secondly yesterday the parcel man delivered a pressie to me from Jellywares. Look at all those lovely fabrics. I have ideas already for them. Make sure you pop on over and read her blog too, as I really enjoy it.

Third up, this morning I received my wonderful gift from Rose Red. I had to guess the number of shoes she had. I didnt win but I was a random winner, and a very happy one too. Look 2 balls of regia silk sock yarn. I have never used this before but it feels so lovely. I also got a little painted knit card, and a block of Green & Black's Organic Dark chocolate with spice and a twist of orange. I have never tasted this chocolate before so I get to see what all the fuss is about. A few aussie swappers received them in their parcels.

I feel so lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts along with my swap pal parcel this week. It has helped me through a very hard time. I have to say thank you to all of you who sent me hugs to help through the sadness. There is still a lot of emotions going through my mind and some are very overwhelming, but blog reading is a great way to deal with this and for me to keep blogging keeps me from thinking about all the sadness too.

My SIL's funeral was lovely and the church was full to the rafters which I expected it to be. She touched a lot of people in her life. She never stopped giving to others although she suffered from a disease which caused quite a lot of pain at times. The 2 people who spoke about Kathryn were asked by her to in the last week of her life. Organised as she always was she never left anything unorganised right up to the end. They captured my SIL's spirit perfectly and spoke so beautifully too. Her sisters and her parents who are great people are coping and I promised to say in touch with them as they are family too. Her mum says she knows where I live so she will pop in for a cuppa one day. I think I will plant a rose for Kathryn in our garden as she absolutely loved roses. I have to thank Laurel to for knitting a hat for my SIL when she found out she was to have chemo. Sadly that didnt happen but I am going to give it to her daughter when the time is right. So much happened in the last 7 weeks that I didnt get the chance to give it to her but I know that her daughter will love it, so thank you Laurel for your kindness.


Sue said...

wonderful pressies!
I'm glad so many people helped you through this tough time.

Donna M said...

Congrats on all your prizes and great stuff.
Your SIL sounds like my friend who died 2 years ago. She had the whole funeral planned, who was speaking, who was sitting where, etc. She even approved the eulogy! Some people are amazing and Kathryn sounds like one of the special ones.

Jenny said...

Lucky you, getting such lovely things. It would be great to see what you decide to do with your fabric.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I think planting a rose bush in her memory is a lovely idea.

Somehow the stars must have known you needed cheering up!

tiennie said...

I'm glad that you were able to receive some wonderful gifts during this hard time. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sandra said...

you realy are lucky with contests!

amanda j said...

Congratulations on your winnings.

Stay strong and positive! My thoughts are with you still. I think planting a rose is a beautiful idea.

Hilary said...

Wow -- great swag! You won 3 contests in just a few weeks?? You must have some great karma. :)

The last paragraph of your post was so very touching...