Monday, July 21, 2008

Swap No. 3

What a wonderful morning to receive a package. It has been a rainy cold morning and after dropping Lachie and Isabelle at school I came home and received a knock at the door. My secret swap parcel had arrived and it was so exciting. Unfortunately they didnt reveal their identity so it would be wonderful if I knew who it was from.
In the parcel I received it all wrapped in the little pink project bag which I plan to use for my knitting. In the pink bag were the following goodies -
A pair of purple fetching fingerless mitts (I had planned on knitting some soon) so these were perfect.
A pair of teal cabled fingerless mitts (one of my favourite colors)
12 stitch markers (6 green and 6 teal) which are beautiful
A sheep tape measure which will come in very handy
A skein of Spider Sock yarn (color Algae) which is just gorgeous.
Thank you so much Swap Pal as you got my colors perfect and I love all of it.


Donna M said...

Aren't you the lucky lady!? I love the yarn you got and the fingerless mitts are beautiful!

Libby said...

Yay! for knitting parcels!

Bec said...

Hi Sue
I'm so glad that you like it! I've been stalking so I'm glad I got the colours/style right! Looking forward to seeing the yarn in socks.

sweetp said...

Whoa! What a fabulous swap package. Lucky you!

happyspider said...

so glad you like the yarn :)

PlumStitches said...

what a great package!!

tiennie said...

Enjoy your wonderful gifts!

Katt said...

wow what lovely gifts you got in your swap! :)