Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twist Collective

I have just been reading about the new knitting site Twist Collective. I dont know how I didnt know anything about it but I absolutely love it. I have already purchased 3 patterns, Victoria, Bonnie and Jali but will have to wait to print them as I need to purchase a new cartridge for the printer. Well they are saved away on my files so I can print them at a later date. The site has some other really beautiful patterns and I am thinking of purchasing one or two of the sock patterns to knit up. I will have to pop on over this afternoon and read all the articles too. How wonderful and exciting for the knitting community.

Onto other knitting, I have almost finished knitting Isabelle's vest out of the zoomy yarn. I didnt do any of it yesterday as Lachlan was home with a sore throat so we sat and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. I loved it, how great a movie. I think Thimbletack was my favourite character, and I could really relate to how he changed his image when he got angry. Pity the honey wouldnt work on me in a temper tantrum. Hee hee!

Tomorrow is the meetup for the crochet girls too so I have put together a few of my books, not that I have used them yet. I did try and crochet a little bit yesterday but it got all ripped out. I have so much trouble trying to understand how to increase and then do the correct stitches. Tomorrow hopefully I will come back a little better learned about this craft and be able to create something worth looking at and using.

Thanks for all the knitty love about the duffle coat too. I think it is one of my favourites, but most of the items I knit out of the cupcake yarn are my faves as I love the feel of it and the colors are so vibrant and different too.

Well I am off to do some boring housework and my catalogue deliveries before it rains (doesnt look like it will) but we did get some much needed rain this week and a thunderstorm yesterday just as I had to pick Isabelle up. The weather here changes so fast so I better go prepared. Hope to see you Monday with some nice pics of the girls I get to meet tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


amanda j said...

Thanks for the link Sue. I hadn't heard of the Twisted Collective before. The patterns are gorgeous!

Kate said...

I was so excited when it finally went up yesterday - my ravelry queue is getting out of control.

Walled Garden said...

I just heard about it too!
Keep going with the crochet, Sue. It's really great to use in conjunction with the knitting as well as on its own and it's often easier to carry around a do a bit whenever.
Cheers Gillian

tiennie said...

Twist is a cool site!