Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - No. 52 and 53

Good morning. I guess this will be my last post for 2008, so what better way to show the last two finished projects for the year. That makes it one a week for the year too, although I have to say that I dont knit very many adult garments so it is sort of cheating isnt it.

First up is the Rose Briar Hat which is designed by Erin Harris of House on Hill Road. I first saw this knit up on another blog and loved it. I knit this one using Soft Haze yarn from Spotlight in a lovely brown earthy color. The design is nice and the little bobbles stand out along the rim of the hat making it a cute design.

Next up is Esme from Sublime Book 613. I knit the 71 cm size for Isabelle as I was worried about running out of yarn. I had to knit the collar about 3cms shorter but I think it sits nicely the length that it is. I only had a tiny bit of yarn left after seaming it up so it was good that I made the collar shorter. I used the Sublime yarn in a nice blue which looks like a denim color, although in this photo it doesnt look like that. All up I used 7 balls for it which was all that I had. Another great stash buster for 2008.

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve, spending time with your loved ones. We will be staying at home tonight as we have done the last 2 years. My sister is popping up to spend it with us. Hopefully my friend and her kids will be able to pop in too.

Plans for next year is to find a full time or part time job. I am thinking about going back to study to complete my Certificate III so I can get a job with the council doing something for the elderly or I might go into child care. We will see what happens.

Knitting wise I am planning on knitting a lot more from stash as Paul's side of the wardrobe is becoming very yarn infested and needs decluttering. I do plan on knitting a lot more adult garments this year, although I would like to lose quite a bit of weight before I knit some for myself. Some socks will also be knit next year. I have been a bit slack with my sock knitting, second sock syndrome I think. I bought a sock pattern book for my mum so I am sure I can knit up some of the lovely patterns that I saw in it over xmas and reinspire myself to knit up some of the sock stash that I flashed a few months back.

I hope that you all have a really wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2009 brings lots of happiness and good health to you all. See you next year!!


Rhonda said...

That's a perfect cardi on Isabelle. Best to you and yours for 2009.

Heather said...

Wow we have not made it to new years eve yet. I am not sure how I feel about the new year coming so quickly on me. Have Happy New Year!

Annie said...

wow, i can't believe you made it to 53! Isabelle looks so cute.
Happy New Year!

Oiyi said...

Happy New Year!

That cardi is so pretty. I really need to get that Sublime Booklet.

Sue said...

I love the cardi on Isabelle....great color for her too.
Happy New Year down under!

Lynne said...

Woohoo! you did it. You finished one for every week of the year plus an extra one [is that because it's a leap year? LOL]

Congratulations - Isabelle looks very pleased with that lovely cardigan - what a gorgeous colour.

Corrie said...

I made tiramisu for something special tonight and will have a champagne and knit in front of the tv...pretty nice night for me! we don't do much with little ones at home

happy new year and can't wait to see all your FO's next year! they are just lovely

and I think you'd make a wonderful carer


Sharon said...

Oh how cute! Congratulations.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Stitch Sista said...

Happy New Year Sue! Hope it is a good year for you :).

Walled Garden said...

Well done Sue!!! Happy New Year to you all. I'm going to settle into a cardi (big Project) as well as finish many small ones that have been lingering around and will show them off soon.
Congratulations on all yours and Good Luck with your plans for next year.
Cheers Gillian

Denise said...

Happy New Year, wow a finished knit for every week of the year, that's impressive:-) I know they're small projects but they still count in my opinion.
Love the cardi on Isabelle.

amanda j said...

Sounds like a great year coming up!

Your productivity is amazing. I look forward to sharing 2009 with you!

amanda said...

Happy New Year Sue!
I plan to join you with the "knitting from stash" although it makes me giggle that you have yours in Paul's side of the wardrobe!

tiennie said...

Very lovely way to end the year!