Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 - FO No. 24

I have to say that this project has been finished for about 2 weeks now, and finally I got Isabelle to try it on and have her photo taken in it.
Pattern: Top Down Garter Stitch Yoke Vest
Size: It is supposed to fit a 1-2 years but mine turned out so nice for Isabelle, I just knit until I reached the desired length.
Yarn: Acrylic yarn (no comments thank you), Dazzle, about 2 100gm balls. I love the color of this variegated red.
It only took about 3 days to knit up so not very long at all, and I was doing other things in between. I didnt add long sleeves as Isablle didnt want them. I just added little short ones for her. You can change it to suit yourself though. The pattern is designed by naganasu so if you are on ravelry you can check it out.
I am also getting into the sewing thing lately as Isabelle needs 5 little white aprons made for her party on the weekend (birthday post tomorrow). She is having a cupcake party so it should be fun, although I am wondering how the night will go with 5 little girls sleeping over. I dont think they manage to have much sleep when they have sleepovers. Isabelle was up until 1:00 last night as her nose was blocked and then she kept having sneezing attacks, so I was up late. Might need a nana nap today I think. I am hoping she isnt getting a cold, she seems a bit better this morning and still went to school so she should be good. She has a swimming lesson tonight so hopefully it will be cleared up. No-one likes to swim with a yucky nose do they.
Other news, my great auntie Marj passed away Friday night. She was 89 and a total dag! Full of life, loved to travel and keep in touch with all of us. She loved all her nieces and nephews like they were her own grandchildren, and I have to say I used to always wish she was my nan. She only had one child when she was very young and I dont know what happened but I think he was adopted out and they only found each other again when Lachlan was very young, about 13 years ago now. She then married my great Uncle Fred and they never had any children. He died about 30 years ago now so she became a rather indendant woman living by herself until about 2 years ago now. I still remember when I was very young travelling to Mildura for our yearly holidays with my grandparents and walking around to their house, where we would have a little campfire in the backyard and they would sit around and have a few glasses of beer and tell stories. They would also play cards at my nan's until all hours in the morning. She came to stay at our house a few years ago now with her very good friend. I do remember her trying to sneak out the front door for a cigarette in the wee hours of the morning and she couldnt get the door unlocked. Paul and I were in bed listening to her as our room is right at the front and it was so funny the things she was saying to get it open. Her friend helped her out in the end. When we got up a few hours later she didnt realise we had heard her, and she had a great laugh about it. So to my auntie Marjorie I hope you have gone to a very happy place. I am sure you would have danced your way through the big gates upstairs and cheered everyone up with your arrival. You will leave a big void in our lives, but lots of cherished happy memories to fill it up with. I will be thinking of her tomorrow as we cant make it to Mildura for the funeral which is very unfortunate. I really wish I could have gone but sometimes you just cant do everything. I will try and stay busy planning Isabelle's birthday party for the weekend. You know how it is rushing around trying to get everything you want done finished in time, but I always work better under pressure. Okay see you all tomorrow for the special birthday post!!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Very cute sweater, I too love the red.
I think that's the best way honour your aunt... remember what she brought to your life and cherish it

Rima said...

Oh! I have been wanting to make that vest. You did such a great job!

Oiyi said...

The sweater is so pretty on her.

I am sorry for your loss. She sounded like a great lady.

Sandra said...

Cold again? Poor Isabelle. Hope she will get better.
Lovely knit and that coloure suits her!
(love that mirror frame on book shelf)

Kate said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt - she sounds like a lovely. Isabelle looks gorgeous in her new cardi!

Katt said...

once again im sorry to hear about your great aunt :( HUGS to you and yours.

love the sleeveless cardi..they are great little things my girls have a downsized shalom each.

hope Isabelle has a lovely birthday party and you get at least SOME sleep with the sleepover!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

So sorry for your loss. It's that the way of life - celebrating birthday and funerals - life goes on. You have great genes - 89 years old!!!

The sweater looks fantastic on Isabelle. Love the cap sleeves.

Hope the party is a smashing success!

Thimbleanna said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I'm not familiar with the word "dag" but based on your description, it must be very good. Love the cute little sweater too!

Rhonda said...

Isabelle looks smashing in red. I love that vest.

Michele said...

Love the vest - too, too cute! Isabelle looks great in it.

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I am glad you can remember her fondly.

Ann said...

The vest looks great & I like the color too. Top down knitting is great as you can try it on as you knit & no seaming.