Thursday, August 6, 2009


Happy Birthday to my sweet Isabelle! She is very kind, considerate to her family and friends, loves cuddles and being tickled (the only person I know who doesnt squeal at being tickled everywhere), loves creating, writing and reading, loves to dance and sing, and is very energetic. All the wonderful things that will make an impact on her life I am sure. I do hope that as she grows older she can make really good choices in her life so she is happy. I love her so much and I have to say that I was very happy she was a little girl when she was born. I really did think we would have another boy but it was a really lovely surprise. I do love boys too, but it is nice having one of each and you really do see how different things are emotionally too for each one. This photo (sorry for the flash) was taken when she was 4 weeks old. She wasnt really too happy about having so many photos taken of her though. I am happy to say that changed when she was about 8 months old and now loves having pictures taken. We made little teddy cars today that I saw on someone else's blog and they turned out so good. (The school teacher was rather happy about the chocolate fix too I think). Isabelle received a cupcake maker, you know the ones with the sprinkler and cupcake baker, different cupcake mixes and frosting. We are going to test it out tonight before her friends help her with it on the weekend just to make sure it all works properly. I am cleaning the house too in preparation for Saturday's sleepover too which will be noisy and fun I am sure. I just need to get motivated and sew up the little aprons for each party girl now and get the party boxes organised. I decided to use pink noodle boxes for the party treats instead of lolly bags. I put in some lip balm, an apron (when they are finished), a little wooden spoon, some Hello Kitty chewing gum, some nice hairties and a few other goodies. I do hope I can keep them entertained and my very good friend is going to help me out with some party games too. Let's hope that they all get along nicely too and dont have any sugar meltdowns, lol!!!! Okay off to sew.


daylesford organics said...

Yay, Happy Birthday to you and your Isabelle! It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. I don't think I'd worry too much about cleaning the house before the party because it wont stay that way for long. My eight year old is desperate for that cupcake maker. Have fun.
ps my swap is packed up and heading for the post in the morning.

Kate said...

Happy birthday to her, hope she had a great day!

Sandra said...

OMG, she soooo looks like my Hedera when was baby!
Happy b-day!

Oiyi said...

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

Katt said...

Happy Belated Birthday Isabelle!!! hope she had a wonderful day.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! Mine turned 2 onthe 6th and the older is going to be 7 on Monday! They never get a school celebration because it is summer here.:(
They are sharing one of those battery powered cars for their birthday and loving it!

Corrie said...

happy birthday sweetie!!!!!

hope she was a good girl at her party!

I agree that little girls are special and I think every mummy needs a girl!!! plus they make the best models and inspiration for knitting and sewing projects!

hope you survived the weekend!

tiennie said...

Happy happy birthday!