Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 - FO's No. 24 and 25

I can finally show you the 2 dishcloths that I made for Jodie in our dishcloth swap.
First up is the Springing Up Flowers dishcloth which I love. I used some 8 ply Heirloom cotton for this one so I do hope she loves it as much as I do.

Next up is the Christmas Dishcloth story one which is based on her mum's house. I liked the cuteness of this one and I used Lily Sugar N'Cream in a dark purple which looks nice and shows up the pattern well. Hopefully it will get the squishy factor when it is used! The designer of both of these dishcloths is Krisknits (ravelry link). She really does design some beautiful dishcloth patterns so if you get a chance go and have a look at all of them.
Other knitting continues, but I have been doing a lot of the paid work for the lady I am knitting for, so only 2 more sets to go for now and back to some other knitting. I really have to start my auntie's socks as her birthday is the start of next month and I know how slow I am at knitting socks. I cant decide what pattern yet and I just received Cookie A's new sock book so I am going to try one of those I think, so many beautiful ones to choose from.
Isabelle's birthday party was very nice and lots of fun. The 6 girls had a great time together. The sprinkles from making the cupcakes ended up from one end of the house to the other so a quick vacuum whilst they were doing their sparklers and we avoided an ant infestation in the house. Other than that really there was no mess at all, and they had fun together. The next morning they were lined up in 3's doing each others hair which was very cute. I dont think they wanted to go home so early. Isabelle even had an afternoon nap around 3 just to catch up with all the energy of the night before, and thankfully no-one had to ring their mums to go home that night, they all slept together and chatted away until about 12 and then fell asleep. I am glad it wasnt one of those awful stories that I had been warned about from some of the mums about having sleepovers so maybe we will do it again another time. Okay I am off to cook tea for Paul and Lachie and then I am going to get some knitting done!


Sue said...

great cloths! Very nice details :)
Which Cookie pattern are you going to choose?

Thimbleanna said...

Very nice Sue -- I especially like the flower one!

Ann said...

Lovely dish cloths & they are great to knit!

beck said...

Hi Sue, I really like your wash cloths, they are so lovely I would find it hard to use them to clean! It sounds like the girls had lots of fun at the party, and a sleepover is something they love to do isn't it? Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, I'm glad you enjoy reading my ramblings! You must go to Castlemaine sometime, there are some great shops, a wonderful Botanical garden and it has a great ambience. Mind you, Daylesford is a great town too!! take care xo

daylesford organics said...

Those dish cloths are amazing! I am so excited to have started knitting so I will be able to attempt some of those more intricate designs. Isabelle's party sounds like great fun.

Judith Tetley said...

Oh Sue those dish cloths are just lovely. I particularly like the purple one. what are the brand names for the yarn that you used and; where do you buy it? We've only got Spotlight here and I can't remember seeing anything like that in the shop....not that I am up on knitting....I am very much the "keep trying"
Kind Regards

Oiyi said...

Very cute dishcloths! I love the details on the house one.

Marie said...

I usually don't like the idea of knitted dishcloths, but I really love these, especially the one with the house! I'm definitely going to check out her other designs. The sleepover sounds like fun! I'm so happy I have a girl now and can't wait for things like that!