Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 16 ....

well since the other 2 cats had their little star showing the other day I thought it best to include Mr. Max, the boy who puts up with the other 2 girls of the house. He is always somewhere having a snooze or out in the backyard lying in a hole that has been dug up by Jake. I think Isabelle woke him up in his sleeping spot when she took his photo, probably didnt know it was his opportunity to shine and show his good side, lol! He is a very affectionate cat but is very annoying when he is hungry, he has a terrible sounding meow, like when kids do when they are starving I guess and need food straight away... anyway he is about 3 years old I think. Lachie's mate bought him around one day declaring they had found him on the road somewhere in busy traffic and rescued him, but thought he was a girl, so I said he could stay. A few weeks later and well, you know how it goes little things pop up and you realise that you have to change the cat's name, hahahaaa.... anyway he and Bella are best friends, and after Coco died Bella was quite lonely as Meg didnt want to be friends with her so Max loved her and they sleep together every night and cuddle up and wash each other too. Okay off to do some knitting hopefully, have finished most of the chores today, the ironing can wait until later. Hope you all have a great weekend and get some sunshine, or some snow wherever you may live in the world!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Max looks like a great cat to have around. One of our cats used to knock the alarm clock of the bedside table so my husband would get up and feed him.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Gillian said...

What a lovely cat. So calm. Mine had a hectic week as we had visitors with two maltese terriers and she hasn't come across much else on four legs with fur and gave them a good growling too for a couple of days. Now they are gone she is searching the house for them!
Cheers Gillian

Lyn said...

It's nice when cats get on. I miss my old boy Bob but Lucy won't have another cat in the house!

Katt said...

we had that with Tara years ago!! everyone said he was a she i thought "hmmm they look like widdle balls to me!" low an behold (and it took like til he was 6mths old) he grew teeny tiny cat future wouldnt depend on it balls..was too late then to change his name..Tara he stayed til we got rid of him.