Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20 ....

well not much to say today, forgot to get the camera out and by the time I remembered it was dark and my camera doesnt do great night shots. I have been running around over the last 2 days changing the furniture around and trying to feel as though we have more space, and because the sight of 4 walls is driving me just a bit crazy at the moment. Also upon investigating the garden I realised our birch trees have no new leaves or buds, so I think they have passed onto garden heaven. I love those trees and will have to pull them out, but I might get my sister to check them out first to see if we can salvage them. If it isnt one thing its another isnt it. Okay check in with you all tomorrow, hope your enjoying your blogtoberfest!


Lynne said...

I love birch trees, their bark is so pretty. Let's jsut hope yours are late this year.

Katt said...

i am the same about the whole bored of these 4 walls things. rearranged bedroom to try and get past it.

currently having inside hating vibes..want to get outside looking nice with garden (flower and veggie).

spring cleaning has hit here now if only i could get a full nights sleep to get energy to do it all!!