Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 31 ....

is the last day of Blogtoberfest! I had some days where I couldnt really think of anything to write that would be interesting enough to read, and yet I still didnt pull out all those UFO's and take pictures of them. Must do that before xmas I think and become a bit more organised. Anyway it has been lots of fun discovering some new and exciting bloggy friends out there and seeing little bits and pieces that you would probably not have blogged about. I will try to make the effort to blog more I think in future and I must say a big thank you to Tinniegirl and Curly Pops for organising such a wonderfully fun month too! On that note I leave you with a picture of my little green witchypoo all dressed up to go trick or treating! Happy Halloween!


Corrie said...

cuuuuuute! she looks very scary! i hope she got lots of lollies. To all the little girls I have lots more lollies and to the older boys I gave them 2 of 3 wrapped ones! The girls were so much more polite!

I agree about blogtoberfest, I almost resorted to a picture of the star jasmine around my letterbox one day! I feel I need a month off!!!!!!! you did well, pat yourself on the back!


Anonymous said...

You did really well. It was great to read something every day, I don't know how you did it.
It must be great wearing a halloween outfit and not worry about being cold!