Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Where has the time gone, it was only October wasnt it when we had to write a post everyday I'm sure. Well I have been busy with things for Isabelle and her dancing. She is in an end of year concert which requires a few hours practice on Thursdays and Fridays, plus swimming lessons on Wednesday and put in a lot of work at school and she has been so very tired lately. Lachlan finishes Year 10 on Friday so he will popping off to help his dad out with some plastering work (more like cleaning and lifting things I think)!
I have been busy putting new plants in the garden to replace the ones that died when we had that awful heat. Now this picture is one of our pot plants that Paul put the compost into. Imagine our surprise when we got a lot of tomato plants in every pot (4 of them to be exact). Now I will have some delicious homegrown tomatoes soon. Can you spy the little red one already on the bush! Lachlan's oregano has taken off too so we are going to give it a trim and dehydrate some in dad's dehydrator machine and hopefully grind some up for use on pizzas and other things.
I have been busy knitting away and pulling out some UFO's. A nice little jacket is nearly complete, one sleeve to go after this one and the hood and bands and hopefully it will be ready for the weekend. I popped into Spotlight last week with mum and found some more shirred fabric to make Isabelle a dress. I was really looking for some navy but found this nice purple and green one. I will try and sew it up tonight after swimming lessons! Nice and cool for summer weather!
We also set up the Christmas tree on the weekend. Isabelle had helped my sister out with her's (where the bottom snapped off so it is in a bucket with fabric wrapped around it and looks quite xmasy too) and then was so tired of decorating that I had to do most of it myself. I told her next year we would do ours the weekend after my sister so she could help with both. She really does love xmas and has been excited this week to open up the little window in her advent calendar to find her chocolate. Lachlan is now too old to get those calendars (it makes me sad knowing he is growing up and wont do those things now) so I should enjoy Isabelle's excitement for a few years before she stops too. Okay to knit and sew!


Corrie said...

oh I love that preshirred fabric! I always buy some each year to make quick dresses and its so easy! just don't wash it or remove the sticky tape and put it away! i lost the elastic when I washed the fabric first...derrr the elastic comes out if you haven't sewn it!!!!

I popped your parcel in the mail and hope the needles arrive safely! please just let me know as first time I've posted them with fabric in a satchel!


Anonymous said...

Nothing beats having home grown tomatos. They taste much better than store bought ones.

Gillian said...

A lovely lot of news. Sail on into Christmas!!!
Cheers Gillian

Oiyi said...

That is indeed sad that he is too old for the advent calendars. They do grow up so fast, huh?

Ann said...

Home grown tomatoes are so delicious. I have also started a little vegetable garden & enjoying a good harvest of tomatoes & spinach.

Thimbleanna said...

Wait! Can you ever be too old for those calendars??? I'm sure there must be something that Lachlan wants to fill the calendar with??? LOL. I love reading about the summer and heat -- where we're bordering on snow, it's just so hard to imagine now!

Katt said...

i have often been eyeing off that preshirred fabric at spotties! i really must get some at some point because they will make easy dresses/tops for the girls!

i gotta get chrissie tree up real soon..presents are just sitting there wrapped

ooooh your tomatoes are bigger then mine!! i assume they arent cherry ones? though i am waiting for some of my cherry ones to turn yellow that are big!

Sandra said...

Gosh - I always hate shirre it myself!
Once I hace grown my own tomato and it was the sweatest (those bought ones can't compare).

Miss Muggins said...

Never too old! My almost 15 year old daughter has got an "Upsy Daisy" one this year! Sounds like you are a having a lovely, busy home-made time, the best kind of busy!