Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im Joining Blogtoberfest!

Blogtoberfest begins tomorrow.  I joined in last year and really enjoyed it.  I got my blogging mojo going a bit more and discovered some exciting new blogger friends.  This time I am hoping to keep up with a post everyday and perhaps have a little giveaway which is long overdue!  If you would like to join up pop on over to Tinniegirls' blog and sign up.  It should be lots of fun. 

I will also hopefully have a working camera.  I popped into the store and it worked everytime for the lady.  She did explain if it got sent off and they couldnt find a problem they would charge me $100 which is more than what the actual camera cost so I took it back home.  It better behave itself this month or it will be finding a new home, lol!

Oh and tonight is the Melton knitting group meetup which should be lots of fun.  I might even take my camera with me too so it should be great.  I am thinking my mum might like to come along too.  Okay see you all tomorrow!


2paw said...

Oh I hate it when that happens, it usually happens with the dentist. Hope the camera heeds your warning. I shall be looking forward to your daily posts.

Jan said...

Sue, I could be way off the mark here but one day I had similar problems as you speak of with camera. DIL looked at it and e , or rather she, found the problem. The wheel on top which has the settings like AUTO, action etc had been bumped so that it sat between two settings. Once we adjusted that, everything was fine. Camera stayed on and we could see stuff on screen.Now I'm guessing, but for $100 it might be worth checking if all is well if it happens again.

I was glad she noticed it as it was a sports day for granddaughter then six and I wanted photos.

Kate said...

I signed up too. I'm not sure that I've got that many posts in a row in me this year but it was so much fun last year that I couldn't resist.
Have fun tonight and I'll be back here tomorrow.

Taylor Kay said...

Hi there, Sue
I was just wondering if you could send me a link to Tinniegirls blog! I would like to see what Blogtoberfest is! :)
Thanks much!

Taylor Kay

Sandra said...

hope you had great time!

Oiyi said...

Great job painting! It really does make a huge difference. We painted the living room last year and it perked up the place. And we recently redid our half-bathroom and Melody choice a color called Misty Moonstone. It looked awesome.