Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Softies for Mirabel 2010

The Softies for Mirabel 2010 is on again and this time I am going to join in.  I havent decided on which toy I am going to make but it is for a really great cause so if your interested pop on over to Meet Me At Mikes to sign up!  I love making toys for kids so this will be lots of fun and every child deserves a special toy dont they!

This afternoon I will be popping off to the camera shop to see if they can fix my camera for me.  The power wont stay on and no pics show up.  Isabelle used it on the weekend to take pics of the bedrooms before I painted them and it hasnt been used since then.  I am hoping it is something easy to fix!  When I get it fixed I will show you the new colors of their bedrooms.  Isabelle and Lachie swapped bedrooms over the weekend so Isabelle isnt at the back of the house so they both seem quite happy.  I didnt watch any of the Grand Final at all as at 2:30 I decided to take the kids to the paint shop to choose colors.  It seems it didnt matter that I missed it as the 2 teams drew and there will be rematch this weekend.  I dont understand why they dont play an extra 2 quarters in that situation.  Anyway, Isabelle chose a beautiful aqua color and Lachlan chose a mushroom brown color (it looks much nicer than it sounds).  Isabelle's room took 5 hours to paint all together and then Lachie's took about 3 hours to paint.  It didnt take very long to dry at all, 2 hours.  We just have to wait a week for it to cure so it can be wiped down of any grubby fingermarks.  It feels like the house has had a mini makeover, but I wont be painting the rest of the house for quite a while.

Okay that is it for now until my camera is fixed and I can show off some more FO's to you all.  Isabelle has 2 friends staying over tonight so I am sure the house will be filled with lots of laughing and dancing!


bec said...

I need to get my camera fixed as well, don't know where to start! Hope it's quick and cheap for you, looking forward to seeing the paint job! PS bag is done, waiting for payday to post it!

Kate said...

I don't get the whole footy rematch thing either. I hope you get your camera fixed soon, it is so annoying when things like that don't work and you have no idea why.
I hope your household gets a bit of sleep tonight.

Oiyi said...

Good luck on getting the camera fixed. What a bummer! I would be upset if my camera was not working the way it should.

Gillian said...

Well done for the paint job Sue! I'm afraid I get a painter for the smallest job. Cheers Gillian

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, you're a fast painter. I hope your camera is fixed soon -- we've become so dependent, it's painful to be without one LOL!