Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring Swap!

I have joined another one of Jodie's lovely swaps.  This is number 4 and the last couple have been fantastic too.  I have now received my swap pal's name so I really should take advantage of this cold windy wet weather and sit down and knit up the dishcloth.  Later on in the week I will need to find some seeds for spring planting and bar of soap that smells nice, should be lots of fun!

I do hope that my bloggy friends havent been flooded out either as there is so much water around with this weather and some it quite scary too.  I have to say that I think the drought has finally broken. Thankfully we have not had any floods here.  The only thing we are dealing with at the moment is a broken car who is sadly in the shop being fixed.  Well at least I will be able to take the kids for a couple of daytrips after it is fixed as it should be like brand new!  It decided to break down after Isabelle's dance medals and thankfully my friend was there so she could give us a lift home.  Isabelle did so remarkably well that she scored all 90's out of 100 so I was rather proud, especially since she was nervous about her plaster cast.  She also got a mention as being in a group of students who did so well that they basically took second place in results!!  She now has a medal to go in her collection of dance awards.

Okay off to knit and get dinner ready, and hopefully fingers crossed sew some buttons on too!


2paw said...

Yes, we are a land of drought, or flooding rain!!
Well done Isabelle!! I saw lots of children outside The Princess yesterday for our local school holidays Festival of Dance and Things!!

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations to Isabelle -- it sounds like she had a great day! Good luck with your swap -- it sounds like lots of fun.

Ally Johnston said...

Enjoy your swap, they are such good fun

Jan said...

Congratulations to Isabelle! well done, particularly with a cast on her arm.