Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18

Project No: 33
Started:  In August sometime and finished last night!
Yarn:  Heirloom Cotton, color - raspberry pink, 2 balls
I really loved making this cardigan.  The color is just beautiful too.  I am thinking I may need to knit up a little hat to go with it before I gift it this week.
This morning I also received a photo of my new twin nephews, they are just absolutely gorgeous but I wont be posting it as I dont know her thoughts on posting pics on the internet and she doesnt know I have a blog so I think she has enough to contend with at the moment with her 2 adorable boys.  They were also born the same day Corrie had her beautiful daughter Elodie!


Maria said...

Gorgeous little cardi, will look beautiful as a set with hat

2paw said...

What a gorgeous cardigan!! I love all the different textures and the colour is lovely.

Amanda said...

Another cute cardi! And such a nice colour.

tikki said...

That is so utterly gorgeous, Sue!
I love that colour.

Congratulations on being a new auntie, twins are very exciting! I became an auntie again on Saturday too!

Taylor Kay said...

This is such a cute cardigan! I just love the color. :)