Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 23

Here is a xmas pressie made by Bec for a little person (we all know who that is dont we).  I am hoping she doesnt pop onto the computer and read my post as she sometimes does.  Thanks Bec, the owl fabric is awesome - maybe I could keep it for myself!  Bec does take orders for these and the inside is plastic coated fabric so you can just wipe out all the crumbs of food that I am sure will appear.  I could just imagine using it as a craft bag instead though, lol!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you a new pattern I started knitting last night, just gorgeous for little baby girls.  If I finish it tonight I will be able to start on the matching hat.  I am sure it will become a popular pressie for me to giveaway.  I am using up my stash of Smoothie DK and I havent even started the second ball yet.  I might be able to get the cardigan out of one ball!  Okay see you all tomorrow!


bec said...

Thanks for the plug, Sue! Sib's lunch bag had the half eaten squishy banana the other day, yuk! wiped clean so easy!

Amanda said...

That's a really cute little bag. I'd be tempted to nab it as a project bag!