Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 - FO No 44

Pattern:  Girls Dress with Pockets from Panda Family Knits in 8 ply book, pattern 10
Yarn:  Peter Pan DK blue/white variegated
Started:  19th October 2010 and finished 15th December 2010
Size:  8 years

This is the dress that I completed for Bec's daughter.  Last night I pressed it all out and seamed it all up, including the pockets.  Those pockets were so horrible the way they were sitting, I didnt know if it was my knitting or the pattern but they just would not sit nicely on the dress or look right at all.  I was so annoyed with them that I cut them off the dress and threw them out.  SO SORRY BEC if you wanted pockets but it truly wasnt meant to be with this dress.  Surely there is a way to knit pockets into the dress without having to do them separately and sew them on afterwards.  Apart from that I think the dress turned out so cute and I do hope Bec's darling girl likes it too.  I will post it tomorrow for you Bec!

Tonight I am off to knitting group and I am hoping that more than 3 people turn up as people always seem to be super busy at this time of year.  I have organised a knit night for the third Thursday in January so we should all be able to catch up with each other then!  I had knitting group this morning too which was nice.  Another lady and myself are knitting the Blossom elephant toy by Alan Dart.  Mine is going to be a baby gift for a sweet little girl, if it turns out right.  I have also started another little boy jacket for my sister's friend who had her little boy yesterday, 6 weeks early.  Hopefully they will be home before the year ends so they can enjoy their little family at home and I can actually meet him too.  How exciting with all these new little people around, makes xmas a much happier time!  Okay off to finish cooking dinner.


Kate said...

That dress is gorgeous!
I can just see it with some stripey leggings undeneath.
I'm sure she'll be thrilled.
Have a lovely time tonight.

bec said...

Sue, it's beautiful! And i'm fine about the pockets- I was going nuts knitting them! I remember my mum and grandma's knitting pockets in, but it is way beyond my comprehension!
Can't wait to see it on her!

Christina said...

A super sweet dress, with or without pockets I think. It would look great with black tights and red flats. Actually, I can see myself wearing that!

All the best to your friends little boy and his family.


Oiyi said...

I love the way it looks without pockets. Great color choice. I am sure she will get a lot of use from it.

PlumStitches said...

cute dress! i knit something with pockets, but can not remember the pattern - it was pretty easy though. i'll have to think about it.

Amybel said...

Wow, 44 already? If only you could squeak out some more hats (or something else quick!) so that you can brag 52 FO's this year!!!

Lisa said...

Oh super cute! I love these dresses - so simple, but she will be a stylish little girl in it! I like it without the pockets as well :)

Thimbleanna said...

You know, some people walk in their sleep. I'm thinking you KNIT in YOUR sleep! Another beautiful finish!

Michele said...

Wow! Love this! It is so cute for a little girl. Great job!