Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 - FO 45

Pattern:  Acacia, size 4 years (designer - Tikki)
Yarn:  Dazzle acrylic, 1 ball
Needles:  3.25 and 4mm
Started: about 2 weeks ago and finished today

This is one of the last pressies I have to make.  This is for Chelsea, my god-daughter who is going to be 3 in January.  This is one of her xmas presents.  I am hoping to knit up something else for her birthday present but will need to think about what to knit for her.  I only have 2 more presents to go, hats for my sister's partner and his 17 year old son.  I am thinking of a Jarod Flood Turn A Square hat pattern which might be nice and easy to knit up, otherwise something cabled.  I might need to have a look through ravelry tonight as I will have some free time.  The house will be very quiet as Isabelle has gone for a sleep-over at her cousin's tonight.  It is the first time she has slept there so I am hoping all goes well as I dont want to be driving in the dark and rain tonight to collect her.   It has been wet and cold all day today.  I am just happy that we are having a big roast chicken with vegies for dinner.  Paul is in the kitchen cooking up the gravy now so I better get everything ready!


sue niven said...

Enjoy the quiet time while your daughter is away, the first time they have a sleep over is both joyful and sad, Joyful because you know they are growing up, and a little sad cos you have to let go a little. Love the knitted dress, All the best on your last gifts to make, not much time left! Happy Knitting.

Ann said...

Lovely dress. I really admire your organisation & ability to finish all the knitted presents. Merry Christmas to you & family.

Chars said...

COngratulations on yet another beautiful finish... your family is extremely lucky to have such a wonderfuly gifted knitter amoungst them:)

I bought Acacia the other day after spying your finish and I cast on but then discovered before I could even get to row two that I needed a shorter circular needle...duh! Silly me didn't even realise that they came in different sizings until that point in time! So I have ordered some from the net and am hoping they arrive this week?

Anyway Sue - I will take this opportunity to wish you and your lovely family a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to following your knitting in 2011 and perhaps even meeting you one day as we have tentative plans for a Ballarat holiday in around the winter school hols :)

t does wool said...

sweet knitted dress~~the children grow up so fast.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

We are having roast Chicken for dinner tonight too :))))

I think Turn a Square is a great choice and you are incredibly thoughtful to make all the lovely knit gifts that you do!

PS I love your new banner picture.

Corrie said...

just more proof that you really are a knitting machine Sue! a real machine! I'm envious how much knitting you get through!


Alison said...

Hope all went well with the sleep over.

Have a beautiful Christmas.

Happy knitting

Gillian said...

Yet another lovely little item. There will be plenty of happy people this xmas when they open their gifts from you.
Christmas cheers Gillian

Sam said...

Oooh that's cute! Have a lovely Christmas xxx

Jelly Wares said...

Sue, this is another gorgeous knit, well done!!!

Have a gorgeous Xmas with your beautiful family...

Hugs - Jodie :)