Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Time!

Well Christmas Day is almost here!  It just doesnt feel like Christmas this year but I am sure by tomorrow morning it will.  Do you see my new white Christmas tree above.  I was testing my camera for night photos and this was whilst the lights were blinking on and off.  I really do love having a white tree, so nice!  I am all set for tomorrow.  We are having 10 relatives for lunch so I have set the table and decorated, just need to cook the roast for lunch.  We are having Paul's older brother's family over for tea tomorrow night so it should be nice and relaxing by then.  I am hoping Boxing Day will be nice and relaxing too as I have about 4 projects to seam up and take photos of.  I am hoping to post about them before January 1 so they can be added to the FO list so I will see you after Christmas.  I hope everyone has a lovely wonderful Christmas and a very safe one too!!


2paw said...

Merry Christmas, and your photo is so lovely!! I do like your pears too!!
Have a lovely day today!!

Arty Lady's blog said...

I hope you have a lovely day today Sue with your family.

See you in the New Year


Kate said...

Merry Christmas Sue to you and your family!
I hope you have the happiest and most wonderful day and I look forward to seeing all the freshly finished knitted projects soon. X

Oiyi said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Daisy said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!